About Grafica

Grafica Flextronica in India is emerging as a company to be reckoned with for its screen printing technology coupled with world class education and training. It is specialized in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of state of the art screen printing machines for various applications, cylinder presses, textile printing machines... +Read more

Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education Research & Training

DMI is aimed at teaching the same sound fundamentals and advanced techniques that are used world wide by successful entrepreneurs in screen printing. +Read more

Helpline Number for Screen Printers :
Dial +91 8 655 755 855
Timing : 12.00 pm ~ 1.00 pm & 4.00 pm ~ 5.00 pm (IST),
Monday to Thursday

Grafica News


SGIA President's Message from USA: Women in Print: Doubling Our Opportunities SGIA's Woman ... +Read more

International Women's Day Message ... +Read more

DMI has made a huge contribution to the screen printing world ... +Read more

Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs.Poonam Choudhary Passi, Director - Business Development & ... +Read more

Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs.Vani Raheja, MD, Ingenious Appliances & Packaging, Gurgao ... +Read more

Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs.
Radha Khandelwal, Director, Nextgen Printers Pvt Ltd ... +Read more

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Bhargav's Blog

Welcome to my blog to know more about screen printing, textile, print finishing and special effect kindly bookmark this page and stay updated
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