About Grafica

Grafica Flextronica, Mumbai
Manufacturer and Exporter for Screen Printing Machines & Allied Products for Textile, Industrial, Commercial and Graphics Applications

Established in 1989, Grafica Flextronica is known for its screen printing technology coupled with world class education and training offered at its institute – DMI, located at Vasai in Palghar District, at the outskirts of Mumbai. With over 2000 customers’ base all over the world, Grafica has been exporting its screen printing machines to several countries.

Manufacturing Facilities:

The production facility is located in a distant Mumbai north-western suburb, over 60 kms from the main city. The facility is specialized in the manufacture of a wide range of state-of-the-art screen printing machines and allied products. The factory premise also houses most modern international class training facilities for workshops and trainings on advanced screen printing.

Products range:

Grafica is a leading manufacturer and exporter of screen printing machines and allied products. Its products are broadly divided into: pre-press (screen making set up), press (printing machinery), and post press (drying/curing equipment).

Wide format: - Heavy duty applications
Pre Press:
  • Pneumatic fabric stretching equipment
  • Tension meter
  • Automatic emulsion coating equipment
  • Screen dryer with touch up table
  • Screen exposing unit
  • Washing booth
  • Aluminum frames
  • Cylinder Press (Swing & Stop) – Fully automatic screen printing machines.
  • CamShell (in 3 sizes)
  • Large Format 3/4 Automatic Screen Printing Machine
Post press:
  • UV curing machine
  • Jet Air dryer
  • Hot Air Dryer
  • IR dryer
  • Combo package of above two or three
  • Wicket dryer
Nano-series: - small format and entry level machines
(Now most sought after they being revolutionary and innovative products which has big change in screen printing in India – driving printers from manual printing to automation).
Pre Press:

Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 which comprises the following equipment all in one:

  • Mechanical fabric stretching equipment
  • Tension meter
  • Manual emulsion coating equipment
  • Screen dryer with touch up table
  • Screen exposing unit (in two types)
  • Aluminum frames
  • Nano-Print plus – Auto (with auto take off system) - NEW
  • Nano-Print
  • Nano-Print plus
  • Nano sharpener
Post press:
  • UV curing machine
Direct on Textile/Garment screen printing:

GraficaTex – automatic direct to garment textile screen printing machine.

nano-prinTag plus

nano-prinTag – automatic world’s first all electrical-mechanical tagless label screen printing machine;

Grafica-flashTex – intelligent flash curing system;

Hot Air Dryer – compact electric dryer.

Application Areas of Our Offered Screen Printing Machines and Equipment are broadly divided into following categories:
  1. Commercial & Graphics Screen Printing
  2. Industrial Screen Printing
  3. Textile/Garment Screen Printing & Heat Transfers
  4. Scientific & Technology Research & Development, and Education

Grafica has well established reliable distributor network in UK, USA, France, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Bangladesh, South America (Chile), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, etc. In the recent past we have exported our wide range of screen printing machines to USA, South America, UK, several nations in Middle East and Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Australia, Russia, etc With this success, we now aim to achieve 25% export in the years to come.

Aim / Vision / Mission

Grafica maintains that innovation is the key to its long-standing leadership in screen printing technology. At the heart of everything, what Grafica does is its unwavering commitment to satisfy the demands of its customers by developing new technologies.

Key strengths:

Grafica has a strong technical support system. First of all our machines are built mostly maintenance free due to sturdiness and quality parts. If at all parts are required, Grafica provides rapid action to have interrupted production at customers end. That’s one of the USPs of Grafica.

Emphasis on Quality:

Grafica provides one stop solution for any critical screen printing applications. Its products are designed to give maximum output with high registration accuracy even at full speed. The company is committed with a motto: deliver high quality machines with state of the art technology used universally.

Trade Shows:

Grafica participates in major printing industry national and international trade shows such as FESPA (Europe), SGIA (USA), and Middle East (Dubai), Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, etc and KNITSHOW, KNITVISION, GARKNIT-X, SCREEN PRINT INDIA in India with dual objectives: show latest screen printing machines with live demo and display hundreds of creative samples produced at its DMI institute.


Grafica News India: Grafica is one of the rare companies in the world in screen printing industry which is focused on the overall development of screen printing sector. Grafica is the only screen printing machinery manufacturer in the world to have a registered periodical (monthly) magazine. The magazine, titled Grafica News India is oriented towards educating screen printers world-wide as it covers news and features, success stories, technical articles & tips pertaining to wide spectrum of screen printing applications.


We are part of an industry which will prosper and survive only if we have an assured continuous supply of educated and well trained manpower in respect of machines , inks and materials , enlightened about the varied and multifarious aspects of modern screen printing which has grown by leaps and bounds from the old days of “serigraphy” to the sophisticated domain of screen printing with its wide ranging applications playing a key role in the lives of every human being and every industry . With these achievements, Grafica has joined the league of few select screen printing machine manufacturers known to produce a wide range of screen printing machines covering graphics, industrial and textile printing.


Office: 3 "SAURABH - A" , Ground Floor, Below Nityanand Nursing Home, Next to Bhuta High School, Shahaji Raje Marg, Vile Parle (East),Mumbai - 400 057,

Maharashtra, Tel: +91 22 26838815/6. Email:sales@graficaindia.com
Web: www.graficaindia.com

Date: 28th August 2015

Our Achivement

Best Products & Display at Screen Print India 94, 98 & 2000 Award of Appreciation by Screen Printers Association of India in 1996 to the founder Mr. Dhirubhai Mistry for hard work and dedication towards the screen printing industry for more than 25 years

Screen Print India achievement award 2001 for outstanding contribution for automation in screen printing machinery and contributing to the development of the screen printing industry in India

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