Grafica News - Oct-17

SPAI / FESPA Awards 2017, Goa: A fantastic experience  

First of all, let me tell you that from the beginning to the end,

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Indian Printing industry celebrates Diwali with 24 Awards in SGIA Golden Image Competition, USA

India won as many as 24 awards in the just concluded SGIA Golden Award Competition in USA.

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With 2 Nano-Print plus Labelwala Group adds huge garment tag production capacity

Way back in 2012,

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Hani finds more 'money' in value added garment tags

Rajesh Poojary, the proprietor of Bengaluru based Hani Inc has discovered more money in value added garment tags and heat transfers printing.

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Monica Arts' fortuitous diversification into heat transfers printing brings fortune

Amit Mondal, Proprietor of Kolkata based Print Pac shares an interesting story about how they entered into heat transfer printing for garment industry

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Galaxy Digital Print embraces GraficaTex

New Delhi based Galaxy Digital Print is truly a 'galaxy' of garment printing service, for they offer all types of garment/textile printing

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Purecotz Eco Lifestyle prefers GraficaTex to print on organic cotton fabric

Amit Narke, Managing Director of Umbergaon based Purecotz Eco Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, shares his passion and success in 100% organic cotton garment manufac

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With 2 GraficaTex, Namo Shibay Printing achieves tremendous growth in DTG screen printing

Tapas Ghosh of Namo Shibay Printing,

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K.R. Patel, Balaji Creation, says: "Grafica nano-prinTag plus is the best & fastest machine to print kids wear"

Khetshi Patel, Director of Mumbai based Balaji Creation,

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With 4 GraficaTex Radha Govinda Printers has 20000 t-shirts per day printing capacity

Radha Govinda Printers (earlier known as R.G. Printers) has a mammoth 30,000 sq.ft

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Grafica introduces new Gas Dryers for Textile - Sizes: 40"& 50";  

The new Grafica Gas Dryer come with removable filter to collect fine fibers, lint and dust particles.

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Radha Govinda Textile begins production on Aeoon's high speed DTG digital printing machine in full swing

By installing Aeoon's high speed DTG digital press, Radha Govinda Textile has smartly seized

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