Grafica News - October 2006

A powerful (Shakti) Hosiery Printer in Tirupur

Shakti Hosiery Printing was established in 1994. Initially the company started with table printing. In 1999 it switched over to chest printing. The transfer sticker printing business was started in 2003 but in 2005 the company mode rni zed i t wi th G ra fi ca machines, first with 20” x30” M/c and then next with 18” x 24”. Now the company is into table print, plastisol, non PVC, sugar, glitter high density, multi color flock, discharge, glass effect, foil print and lithography. The varieties of transfer printing undertaken by them are hot & cold peel, cut colors, glitter and foil transfers.

The company's main motto is: Customer satisfaction and it is highly emphasizing on quality of prints and timely delivery. Its valu abl e cu s t om e r s in clud e Eastmen exports, Armstrong and SP apparels. They undertake job work orders of screen making and exposing. There are at present more than 50 customers who regularly comes to Shakti Hosiery Printing for their printing needs.

True to its name 'Shakti' (power) the company is moving ahead with roaring success. Mr. Krisna Kumar, Managing Director, himself has over 17 years of field experience in printing. And there must be some technological reason too behind its success. The company has full fledged latest equipment of screen stretching, screen exposing unit all from none other than Grafica. Grafica News conducted an email interview with Mr. Krisna Kumar to know why his company relies on Grafica technology. Here is the excerpts from the interview..

You are using Grafica machines since 2005, are you satisfied with it?

Yes I have 100 % satisfaction and I am happy that I took right decision by purchasing Grafica technology.

How much do you exploit the machines' capabilities?

We are using the machines to its 100% capabilities.

What prompted you to go for Grafica technology?

Basically we wanted best quality and sturdy machines. We did not want to face any problems in the long run. Grafica's service is excellent, quality is the best. We are getting production as per my expectation from these machines. Grafica's service team is technically very sound, and they are always helpful whenever I needed their support.

If a chance arise, would you recommend Grafica to others?

Yes, If any one is looking for a quality screen printing technology, then it must be from Grafica .

What will be the scope of screen printing against the backdrop of digital printing age?

Screen printing process will survive as long as the garment industry exists. Screen printing and digital printing -- though both are different, have their own distinctive advantages.

Do you know that Grafica has initiated and started an institute for screen printing (DMI)?

Yes. I believe it's first of its kind in India because the institute is set up and run by a screen printing machine manufacturer. With this unique combination, the Grafica customers will be able to improve their technical know how which will ultimately help them to improve the quality of the print jobs that they undertake. Naturally, they will gain healthy return on their investment.

What is your experience with Grafica technology, Please rate based on the following parameters (on a 0-10 scale):

a) Service                        10
b) Quality                         10
c) Training                         7
d) Reliability                    10
e) Value for money          9

Your suggestion/feedback to Grafica?

I am satisfied with the Grafica machines operational training part, but if Grafica can impart more technical know how in textile 'transfers' techniques, it will be beneficial for us. I believe after the commencement of DMI this is will get materialized soon. And they should go for manufacturing fully automatic chest printing machine and photo quality effect using screen printing.

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