Grafica News - October 2006

Ace Printers, True to its name!

Ace Printer - Mumbai took up the challenge to adopt a new technology of Ultra Violet curing in screen printing, at a time when there was less awareness about it and there was no market for it either.

UV varnishing is applied after the offset printing. UV is a specialized job for only those with a sound knowledge coupled with a sense of high creativity. Indeed the Ace Printers took a futuristic decision which later paid rich dividend.

Today, Ace Printers is specialised in UV Spot Varnishing like UV curing technique. Its owner, Mr. Kamlakar R. Wadekar belongs to a family which is into printing business since 1950, started by his father. The family, started with letterpress, switched over to offset, which is now looked after by his brothers. Mr. Wadekar looks after the screen printing business under the name “Ace Printers". The art of printing actually is in the blood of Mr. Wadekar who has understood everything that is involved in the entire gamut of printing colour separation, screening, manual cut outs, mixing images, designing, etc.

Ace Printer's foray into screen printing was actually prompted by Wadekar brothers' visit to a printing fair overseas where they got exposed to UV technology. The family decided to incorporate screen printing process into their printing business. As the company kept on trying with UV techniques their customer gradually got educated about UV, the demand started showing a positive sign. Since then i t ha s been a phenomenal performance by Ace Printers because of the creative brain of Mr. Wadekar. The company has a team of best technically sound personnel, the company has put into lot of efforts to gain recognition in the UV Varnishing field. “There are many special effects in UV varnishing like sand, texture, shrink, reflective, gloss, Matt, etc. There are about 10 such effects offered by Ace Printers” says Mr. Wadekar.

True to its name, Ace Printers has grown into thumbing success ever since its entry in the year 2000. The company has now carved a niche for itself by emerging as the best in UV spot varnishing and special effects with such distinct and superb finish with high quality in every job. The company has been earning laurels from its customers. It has won many awards for its hard yet creative work. Making the finish a core competency has paid rich dividends too. The company won the Screen Print India Award 2004. The entry had bubble and Sand UV varnish effect on plain black sheet. The company has also won three prestigious awards at FESPA WORLDEXPO India Award 2005 which brought an overwhelming joy to his company.

Somewhere, somebody or something is always there behind every success. The technology behind the success of Ace Printers is the Grafica screen printing machines and screen making equipments. Mr. Wadekar shared his views to Grafica News at length on his choice for Grafica technology, future of screen printing and also the importance of training. Here are excerpts from the telephonic interview:

How many Grafica machines are there at your press?

We have four Grafica screen printing machines, three UV curing machines and complete screen making equipments.

Who are your leading customers? Please give details of the applications for which Grafica Machines are used?

Grafica machine are used for spot UV varnishing & printing publicity materials and some print jobs for some of the best known offset printers in Mumbai and nearby cities.

How much do you exploit the features of Grafica machines?

We make the ultimate use of the features of the machine. In fact we exploit the machine more than its potential.

Are you satisfied with Grafica technology?

Of course, we are fully satisfied with Grafica technology

What prompted you to go for Grafica technology?

First of all there is no other alternative in India. No other manufacturer can supply the machine of this standard in the country. Grafica has superior technology that we can rely upon for our needs. Secondly, the technology back up is very good. Grafica has a very good after sales service team and it is good working with them for all our requirement. And of course there is no match to Grafica machines.

Do you think that the 'made in India' Grafica machines are at par with any other technology available in the world?

Yes, I have seen some best brands of the world at some overseas exhibitions and also seen some printers in foreign country, I am deeply convinced that Grafica technology is at par with other technology providers especially the European.

If a situation arises would you recommend Grafica to others?

Yes sure , I have already recommended a few customers to Grafica.

With the advent of digital printing technology, do you personally feel any threat to screen printing process?

No, I do not think there is any fear. Screen Printing technology can not be outdated it is unique in itself. There are certain jobs which cannot be printed through any other process than screen printing. For some jobs, screen printing has the upper hand. Each print processing technology has its own specialty. Therefore I see really a good future for screen printing.

What is your perception about the future of screen printing?

As I already mentioned earlier, considering the boom in India, screen printing has to grow and it will grow if we work hard for best quality and be competitive at the same time.

Have you invested in digital technology, if yes, why ?

No, because I just enjoy doing screen printing.

Please rate Grafica technology in terms of the following (on a 0-10 scale):

Quality -9
Service (customer care) -9
Training -9
Reliability -10
Value for money -10

Do you feel that there is a need for a training institute like DMI?

I 'm very happy for DMI's establishment since screen printing industry was really in need of such an institute with a professional touch. It is a good concept that Grafica has introduced. I am sure it will serve the screen printing in a big way. There is no such other institute for screen printing in India other than DMI.

Your suggestions to Grafica?

As always, keep up the good work and keep trying for excellence.

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