Grafica News - October 2006

An eye opening seminar at GIPT, Mumbai

A seminar on 'an introduction to screen printing technology' was conducted recently at GIPT (Government Institute of Printing Technology), Mumbai. It was conducted by none other than an experienced screen printing technocrat, Mr. Bhargav Mistry, MD, Grafica Flexronica. Mr. Sanjay Vora - K-Line Products also shared his experience about screen printing and motivated the students. There were 80 participants.

The objective of the seminar was to pro jec t the s creen prin ting technology in a positive light and to remove the illusion that clouds the minds of the students that screen printing is a technique, only for printing greeting cards, wedding cards and such petty jobs. The seminar threw light on what creative wonders can be produced through screen printing process.

“I observed that in the printing institutes the teaching is imparted like what it was 50 years ago. There is no improvement at all. 99% teachings are still focused on other printing processes and only 1% is knowledge is imparted about screen printing as if there is no future for screen printing. This is misguiding the students. I do not know why such a step-motherly attitude is shown to screen printing. Hence I approached GIPT to hold a seminar so that the students become aware of the world of possibilities in screen printing” says Mr. Bhargav. “The screen printing technology is not understood fully. I showed various samples, substrates to prove what wonders screen printing process can do. The approach was to guide the students to go more and more into screen printing”.

Mr. Bhargav also made a brief presentation on DMI, an institute for training, education and research in screen printing, initiated by Grafica. The students were so much impressed with DMI and asked lot of questions. They were curious to know why such a versatile technology is not properly taught in the institutes and why nobody is taking initiatives to do something about this. Mr. Bhargav replied them that at least Grafica has now taken initiative with the establishment of DMI. The students are most welcome to come to DMI as students any time. The door is open to all of them, says Mr. Bhargav.

The positive outcome of this seminar was that ten students joined DMI for training.

The seminar was truly an eye opener for the students.

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