Grafica News - October 2006

Grafica technology for Garment Industry

Grafica, a leader in the manufacture and supply of screen printing machines for various sectors, also caters to the Garment industry since 1989 through its garment transfer printing machines and equipments. Grafica has supplied nearly 30 such machines to garment industry at Grafica technology for Garment Industry Tirupur alone. The products under this segment include:

Screen printing machines :

Cam Shell semi automatic, two post pillar semi automatic, mini Cam Shell-semi automatic and semi automatic mini screen printer.

Screen making machines and equipment :

Machines: fully automatic coating machine, manual emulsion coater, screen exposing machine (angular contact box) and screen exposing machine (contact box)


Pneumatic fabric stretching clamps, screen dryer, me chani cal fab ri c s t re t che r, galvanized washing tank with back light, coating trough, high pressure pump and tension meter.

Other products include:

Infra red dryer, accessories such as squeegee sharpener, aluminium tubular frames.

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