Grafica News - October 2006

K-Line Products
A 'BPO' in the making for the PCB industry

K-Line Products range include:

Ink for graphic printing (Union Ink); Ink for PCB (Dozen Tech/Lam Thong, Korea); Digital Ink (Lam Thong, Singapore); Prepregs for multilayer PCB (China); Dry film photo resists (Korea); Silicone for pad printing (Wecker, Germany).

"We participate in Indian exhibitions like Screen Print India, IPCA, etc. We al so vi si t in te rna tional exhibitions abroad" says Mr. Vora.

Speaking to Grafica News, Mr. Sanjay Vora, Partner, K-Line Products, shared his views on Grafica technology, DMI and screen printing industry. He also liked the idea of Grafica News which carries industry associates' profiles. "This way we are also gaining mileage especially when it comes to new customers". Excerpts from the interview.

As an industry associate, what is your perception about Grafica technology?

I feel Grafica Flextronica are the pioneers in the screen printing technology as far as India is concerned. The company had a long journey since its founder late Shri Dhirubhai Mistry had the vision of screen printing machines to be 'made in India'.

Have you ever had the opportunity of seeing Grafica machines in action at your customers' shop floor?

Yes. I had the opportunity of seeing Graifca machines at Leo Circuits and Multi Line Circuits both are Mumbai based companies. I found the customers are quite satisfied. I have seen these machines running at their press for years.

Do you think that the 'made in India' Grafica technology is at par with any others in the world?

Yes, I can say it with confidence that Grafica machines are comparable very much with the Taiwan and Korean technology. At the same time the progress that Grafica has made in the last few years indicate that they can make machines even at par with European standards.

If an opportunity arises would you recommend Grafica to others?

Yes. As a matter of fact recently I recommended Grafica machine to a customer in Zimbabwe .

With the emergence of digital printing technology, do you personally feel any threat to screen printing process?

Yes! Digital technology is a threat to screen printing. Initially digital entered only the poster printing and such other jobs. The printers were comfortable with the slow speed of printing. But with UV digital and so many industrial printing such as CDs, PCBs, printable electronics, it prompts me to think that digital technology is really causing impact on screen printing process.

BUT, screen printing will still SURVIVE due to performance requirement of certain printing jobs and if printers find innovative applications within screen printing process.

What is the importance of quality raw materials for the success of the screen printing? And what are your TIPs to screen printers?

Customers of screen printing process have very high expectations from the screen printed articles. They approach the screen printers when they think other processes of printing will not meet their requirement. This necessitates good 'quality' of raw material to be used by the processors to achieve the desired results.

Have you heard of DMI, an institute for screen printing technology ? What is the relevance of such an institute?

A concept like D M I is a welcome development in the screen printing industry. In the absence of any recognized training facilities exclusively for screen printing, the knowledge and screen printing training which will be imparted at DMI will be beneficial to the students as well as the screen printing industry.

Please comment on the relationship between DMI and screen printing industry associates like you, and your suggestion to DMI?

When we try to introduce a new product to our customers, either they do not have time to try the products or they are not able to understand that the products which we are offering to them are in their own best interest and beneficial to them.

But with a credible institute like DMI we as suppliers of raw materials to screen printing can take the benefit of the institute to display our products at the institute and even try it with the sample jobs or trial runs that they undertake as part of the students' project work. And our products too can undergo testing.

In fact I would advise to DMI it should also become a neutral testing facility for various raw materials especially the INKS for screen printing like a certification agency. When the manufacturer test their products at their labs, there is no guarantee that the product is foolproof. But at DMI the testing can be done with proof of performance of the product.

Your future plans?

Digital technology has entered every sphere of our life in the 21st century and the printing industry is no exception. To remain in tune with time, we have now ventured into marketing of digital ink from this year onwards which are imported from Singapore.

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