Grafica News - October 2006

Seminar at NIFT-TEA
On 'Application of Screen Printing In Knitting Industry'

An educative seminar on 'Screen Printing Application in knitting industry', was conducted by Grafica at NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute, Tirupur' on 8th August 2006. More than 70 students along with the principal of the institute and his 5 colleagues attended the programme. The seminar was conducted in a most understandable manner by Mr. Srinivas Karnati, Marketing Manager of Grafica. Few samples of the knitwear printed using Grafica Screen printing machines were also demonstrated at the seminar.

This seminar was the outcome of Grafica's participation at KNITSHOW' 06 exhibition held at Tirupur in the first week of August' 0 6 . Grafica had displayed information on DMI which was the centre of attraction for the students of NIFT-TEA. Most of the students were very curious to know more about DMI. Grafica officials were asked to approach the principal of the institute to conduct the seminar.

There was also a question and answer session after the seminar. Some of the questions were interesting and pointing to the issues such as the happening in the industry in the surrounding areas and what are the ways to improve the situation there; What can be done if at all got into a screen printing industry; why straight line can not be printed; what are the various applications that are really possible thru screen printing; what is he kind of print quality that is achievable from screen printing technology and other related issued that needed urgent solutions.

“The participants were listening to the seminar with great interest with special reference to the DMI. The feedback was very positive” says Mr.Srinivas. “They have requested to hold more such seminars in the future also for the benefit of the other students”. Grafica offered NIFT-TEA to accommodate one student in its 7-day course conducted for the customers, subject to a recommendation letter from the principal of the institute.

The students felt that the brief given on DMI was an eye opener

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