Grafica News - November 2007

After GIPT, now the students of IPT-Pune take the que

Ten students from GIPT , Mumbai completed their stint at DMI (first batch) and successfully got absorbed in the screen printing industry. Four students from Institute of Printing Technology (IPT), Pune have started their training at DMI.

Over 30 students from IPT paid a one day visit to DMI to get a brief orientation on screen printing and DMI. This was the result of a seminar conducted by Grafica officials at the college.

Speaking to Grafica News, Shailesh R. Yeole said, "at IPT we did not touch much on screen printing except knowing that it is just for petty printing jobs like visiting cards. But when we came to Grafica-DMI in January this year , we were exposed to an amazing yet a vast world of screen printing. We approached DMI for a full fledged training of 3 months so that we can pursue a career in this creative field.

“We all like the session at DMI on screen printing. Before coming here, we did not know deeply about screen printing. But here we got exposed to the screen printing technology which is a challenging job. We can confidently pursue a new career in screen printing. DMI -Grafica is such a good institution-company which we had never seen. We thank the management and their team for their help. ”The second batch of DMI Student also underwent industrial visits and gained hands on experience in screen printing. Industrial Visits for Students of Institute of Printing Technology, Pune

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