Grafica News - November 2007

Making lasting 'Impressions' in the minds of customers

Why did you prefer Grafica technology when there are so many imported machines available?
We have the Grafica machines in operation for the last 2-4 years and these machines were bought in phases. Team Grafica has the penchant for developing indigenous technology at par with the best in the world. Their client relationship, prompt service and technical backup make them a preferred choice for the screen printers' community. Their domain knowledge acquired over the years, of being screen printer themselves, certainly puts them in the league.

Over 30 students from IPT paid a one day visit to DMI to get a brief orientation on screen printing and DMI. This was the result of a seminar conducted by Grafica officials at the college.

Speaking to Grafica News, Shailesh R. Yeole said, "at IPT we did not touch much on screen printing except knowing that it is just for petty printing jobs like visiting cards. But when we came to Grafica-DMI in January this year, we were exposed to an amazing yet a vast world of screen printing. We approached DMI for a full fledged training of 3 months so that we can pursue a career in this creative field.

“We all like the session at DMI on screen printing. Before coming here, we did not know deeply about screen printing. But here we got exposed to the screen printing technology which is a challenging job. We can confidently pursue a new career in screen printing. DMI-Grafica is such a good institution-company which we had never seen. We thank the management and their team for their help. ”The second batch of DMI Student also underwent industrial visits and gained hands on experience in screen printing. Industrial Visits for Students of Institute of Printing Technology, Pune

For which applications do you use Grafica Machines?
We are a ceramic and glass decoration company. Our application includes

  1. Direct and transfer printing for Ceramic, Flat Glass and Tiles
  2. Transfer printing for Ceramic Tableware, Opelware, Enamelware, Glassware.
  3. Four Colour printing for Ceramic and Glass.

Who are your leading customers?
We are supplying to the major Ceramic and glass manufacturing industry. Lot many exporters are also buying from us. The customer base is variant as we cater to all the segments of the industry from small studio designers to big industrial setups.

Please specify jobs?
From pre-press to printing, all the process are implemented using Grafica's machines. Our jobs are bespoke in nature. Highly improvised to suit our customers requirements. Their ware size, curvature, colour of the ware, type of ware are taken into consideration to decide on the type of workflow to follow. From printing spot colours to process colours or combination of both vary from substrate to substrate and artwork to be used. As branding is important for large corporate houses we have to maintain stringent quality controls at each and every phase.

How much do you exploit the features of Grafica machines to derive maximum benefit?
In our premises, once the artwork is ready Grafica takes over the workflow. From preparation of quality stencils to high quality printing with pin point registration with no machine down time at all. The machines are expected to work 24x7 and they really do!

Are you satisfied with Grafica technology, if yes, why?
All our workflows are implemented using Grafica machines. As a process, screen printing requires diligence and patience. The process is meant for high quality standards and big volumes. Grafica machines fair well on both these fronts.

Do you think that the made in India Grafica machines are at par with any other technology available in the world? If yes, how?
As I have already mentioned earlier, they can be compared to the best in the world. Manufacturing a machine is one side of the story. Understanding the industry, keeping yourself updated on the technology fronts, innovating and coming out with a product which draw parity in terms of quality output, scalability and ease of operation draws the bottom-line.

With your experience with Grafica technology, if a situation arises would you recommend Grafica to others?
That goes even without saying.

What is your experience with Grafica technology, please rate in terms of the following (on a 0-10 scale):
Quality = 8 Service (customer care) = 8 Training = 8 Reliability = 8 Value for money = 8

Your comment on digital vs. screen?
Customer is king, as also his demands. The technology is growing because the customer is getting more demanding. Whoever has the mettle to deliver what she wants in a reason able time, at a reasonable price, wins. How you deliver, is of least consideration. We as image producers should not be perplexed over digital vs screen. Its a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to exercise versatility in jobs and client profile. Over a period of time both the technologies would become indispensable to a printing setup.

What is the real challenge in front of Indian screen printers? The challenges the industry faces are :

  1. Perception of the industry perse.
  2. Being a growing industry the technical know-how is limited to a enterprising few.
  3. Barring a few examples, lack of infrastructure to produce quality volumes.
  4. Lack of technically competitive workforce.
  5. One of the major problems we face today is the monopolistic attitude of the dealers of imported raw material. The growth of the middle and small scale printers is seriously compromised due to the monopolistic policies of these suppliers and their principals. Innovation is held up or is delayed due to the lack of support from the raw material supplier. Stock of regular material is maintained to keep the sales chart growing. The companies stay happy at the sales figures seemingly oblivious to the plight of the actual customer.

As a screen printers, please give your over all view on the future of screen printing in India, how the economy is doing, business prospects for screen printing, competition, action plan required by printers to meet the challenge, etc?

The phrase which best describes the screen printing world is "Explore and Innovate". The versatility of the process is unmatched and so is the application areas where it can be utilized. The industry, for sure, has a promising future. The kind of technology updations, new areas of product development, rationalization of the over all process to match other modes of printing technologies is contributing to an over all positive vibes. The only action plan on which we, as printers, can work on is to explore new areas of product development and innovate new product lines.

In any case, have you invested in digital technology, if yes, why?
As I said digital technology would also form an important part of a printing house. We can't stay a way from digital technology. We are studying the digital domain and would invest in it at an appropriate time.

Do you feel that there is a need for a training institute like Grafica's DMI in order to constantly update the entrepreneurs like you and your operators? If yes, why?
Definitely, DMI and other such institutes have a big role in nurturing the industry towards a healthy future. The present as well as the prospective entrepreneurs can go a long way in today's global environment with a strong technical backup and hands on training on globally competitive machines.

Did you participate in FESPA exhibition in 2005?
We had a display at FESPA India, New Delhi.

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