Grafica News - December 2009

Grafica made us fall in love with screen printing

Ahmedabad-based, Image Care Pvt. Ltd., is an integrated marketing and communication company that is allset to make waves in the advertising and marketing space with the back up of screen printing technology.

During its decade-long existence, the company's top management felt that the outcome of their designing was not satisfactory as the printing of jobs were not as they visualized, especially in screen printing. So the Directors of the company, Mr. Ashish Desai who is a qualified printing technologist, and his younger brother, Mr Anuj Desai, decided to have their own screen printing setup. This move helped the company to convert intangible opportunities into tangible ones, and gradually the in-house screen printing set-up became the company's new strength.

Today, as a printing house, Image Care prints direct mailers, company brochures, menu cards, carry bags, garment tags, POP material (4 color printing on Sunpack and sunboard), customized dispensers, calendars, wedding cards, key pad fascias, automotive decals etc. "After installing Grafica machines, we are the first one in Gujarat to offer 4- color quality screen printing on sunpack and sunboard", claims Mr. Desai.

First impression is the best impression! "Grafica made us fall in love with screen printing technology", he replies when asked about their decision to buy Grafica machines. At a time when they were looking for a UV machine 3 years ago, they came across the newly introduced 12 inch table top UV machine of Grafica at an exhibition. "We opted for it immediately as it was meeting our requirements and was easy to operate. But, at that time we never knew that it was made by a company which is equally passionate and knowledgeable about screen printing," says Mr. Desai.

"During the buying process, we also visited DMI. And, after seeing the facilities of both DMI and Grafica, we fell in love with the modern screen printing set-up. And, right away, we decided that if at all we were to expand our printing business, we will not even inquire about any other machines but Grafica," recalls Mr. Desai.

Exactly after 3 years, when they decided to go for a complete set up, their choice was obvious. And the rest is history. The company has also installed Grafica's total screen making equipments, semi automatic 30" x 40" Cam Shell and a UV dryer.

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