Grafica News - December 2009

Screen Printing pleases a large offset printer in Mohali

In conversation with Rakesh Rana Mohali-based KGS Printek Pvt. Ltd:

Customers always want something different

The need for a semi-automatic screen printing machine from Grafica cropped up ever since KGS Printek's customers started demanding value added printing service with special effects. “90% of our jobs are for telecom companies. Certain jobs which can't be done through offset and we had to turn to screen printing”.

Grafica's training

“Grafica had trained our staff for five days but it takes time to get adjusted. We are happy with the result so far although there was some teething problems initially.”

Confidence in Grafica

“I have recommended their machine to one printer recently.” That is the level of his trust and confidence in Grafica! Why? “We are not new to Grafica. We know the company for the last 8 years or so. I had seen their machines at various exhibitions. Naturally, we preferred their machine”, avers the nawab of offset printing with a trust.

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