Grafica News - December 2009

Ratan Printers exploring Screen Printing into sports goods

Meerut-based Ratan Printers supplies stickers to SG and SS brand bats, manufactured by Cricket Riders. These bats find their way to various clubs, colleges and schools all over India and other cricket playing countries across the world.

From plastic files to bat sticker printing

60 year old Ratan Kumar owner of Ratan Printers switched to printing of stickers for cricket bats instead of manufacturing plastic files. I set up a manual screen printing unit, employing 30 people”. That was the beginning of a new innings for Mr. Ratan Kumar.

Why Grafica?

Two years ago a friend from New Delhi who is also a leading printer suggested that he go in for a Grafica machine. He bought a semi automatic screen printing machine along with an exposing machine and a stretching machine.

Benefit of automation

Today, Ratan Printers is not only able meet the growing demands but also ready to take more orders as its production capacity has gone up with automation. “With the Grafica machine, our confidence in printing has also gone up and in turn the customers’ confidence in us has gone up due to enhanced quality and capacity”, says Mr. Ratan Kumar.


“We take care of quality also. We do not use poor quality inks to make a quick buck. We use only Sericol and Coats’ inks and imported thin fabric (140-S). We source good raw materials either locally or from New Delhi. A good machine from Grafica coupled with quality raw material, has enabled us bring down rejection level drastically. In order to ensure smooth printing, we also do all our pre press operations accurately”.

“Our hands are full with orders and we are constantly busy in printing stickers for bats. There is no off season for us,” concludes Mr. Ratan Kumar

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