Grafica News - December 2009

Halley finds Grafica's cylinder press, a shining star

Halley is a Surat-based multidisciplinary printing house that not just provides great printing facilities but also advertising and marketing solutions to a wide range of clients. They manufacture tags for clothing,

fancy paper bags, packaging materials with UV special effects varnishing, dress material packaging such as shirt boxes, saree boxes and cosmetic boxes, stickers, eco-friendly products, perfume boxes, duplex cartons, corrugated boxes and offer other paper printing services. Halley is headed by Mr. Tanay Mehta and his other two co-directors – Chirag Bhatt and Snehal Modi.

Halley's current infrastructure is spread over a 5000 sq. ft. area in Surat, Gujarat while they are headquartered at the World Trade Center there. It has its own in-house design and marketing team, printing unit (both offset and screen) along with all the latest machinery to cater to the advertising and marketing needs of its customers. For offset, it has a Roland offset machine and its screen printing unit has another semi-automatic screen printing machine and 3 UV dryers plus other post-press operation facilities including die-cutting.

"The Grafica cylinder press is rugged yet simple to operate and is beyond par in both quality and cost effectiveness. We understood that all components were rigorously tested to make sure that it meets international standards," Mr. Mehta recounts. It is capable of printing on both soft and semi-rigid substrates at high speeds. Mr. Mehta says "Cylinder press is the 'offset machine' of the screen printing process since it is much faster with 2200 sheets per hour. So, for our multi-faceted jobs, it is the right choice rather than a semi automatic machine".

"Grafica is a transparent company with a very professional approach. Besides explaining how the machines work and all the finer details, the company invested a whole lot in after-sales support," says Mr. Mehta. "I was fully convinced with the test run before I bought the machine. Besides, the ready availability of spares and components puts us at ease when it comes to using them."

While Halley might believe that this is the end of their tedious search in finding the perfect solution for their clients, for Grafica it is only the beginning of a long relationship that promises to deliver more to their clients in the days to come.

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Sanjaya's Amit Kubba shares his experience on Grafica's Cylinder Press & Wicket Dryer

In conversation with Amit Kubba of Sanjaya

Sanjaya's sister concern, Sanjaya Arts and Paper makes transfer paper that is used extensively in the screen printing industry. They also have another company – Printman India – which is managed by his younger brother and they own Grafica's Fully Automatic Cylinder Press with inline Wicket Dryer.

The Grafica Connection

Amit wanted excellent reproduction on bone-china and tiles. Rejection was a common problem before since the finishes just weren't coming right. The new Grafica's Cylinder Press gives him a definite edge. They now have the capacity to print 4 times the size with an excellent reproduction.

Sanjaya has enjoyed a 15-year relationship with Grafica and they have always known that they make the best machines. Before, they had the option to import new machines or second-hand ones, but now thanks to Grafica, it appears that their needs have been met within the country itself. In Amit's own words, the machine helps bring in a certain consistency that they were lacking earlier. They have also been able to save labour and the expertise too has grown by leaps and bounds.

After installation, we received ample support in terms of after-sales service. In fact, they were thoroughly briefed on all the technical aspects of the machine. "When I took the first Cam-Shell machine from Grafica, I met Bhargav Mistry and promised him that one day I will buy cylinder press from him. I'm glad I could keep that promise" says, Amit.

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