Grafica News - January 2009

Grafica's Cylinder Press Swings into action at Ace Printers

Success is never a 'full' stop for Kamlakar R. Wadekar, owner of Mumbai based Ace Printers, specialized in UV Spot Printing and special effects. For him 'success' is an ongoing achievement. Those who achieve success never stop. Recently, he pressed Grafica's Cylinder Press into the service to cater to the growing customers' demands for his expert and quality print finish jobs done through screen printing process.

The company
Ace Printers is known to many offset printers in Mumbai and places like Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Ahemdabad, because of his unparallel expertise in UV Spot Printing. His company has now carved a niche for itself by emerging as the expert in UV Spot Printing and special effects with such distinct and superb finish with high quality in every job. Ace Printers has won Seven National and International Awards since 2004 and now again SCREEN PRINT INDIA 2008 Award the eighth award, Ace Printers has won first prize for UV effect.

The capability
Kamalakar belongs to a family which is into printing business since 1950, started by his father. The family, started with letterpress, switched over to offset later, Kamlakar understands everything that is involved in the entire gamut of printing he has done color separation on process camera, screening, manual cutouts, mixing images, designing on computers, and now specialized in UV Spot Printing and special effects. According to Kamlakar, there are various UV effects undertaken by his company like abrasive, texture, shrink, reflective, gloss, matt, glitter effects and many more. These special effects incorporated in commercial printing, packaging, decorative printing, greeting cards, wedding invitation.

The capacity
He happened to mention once that screen printers should have best of machines so that machine break down is eliminated. Secondly, they should buy a machine where service back up is guaranteed. No wonder then that Ace Printers has five screen printing with UV curing machines and complete screen making equipments from Grafica.

Now to anybody's surprise, he deployed ONE MORE cylinder press. In an interview Mr. Kamalakar shares his views on the Grafica's cylinder press. Experts:

How do you find the performance of Grafica's Cylinder Press?
Grafica cylinder press is equally good as compared with foreign brands and it was a value for money. First of all the machine was so sturdy and speedy that although its specified capacity was 3000 impressions per hour, at one instance I had to run 3300 impressions as the situation called for such a high speed production. There was no breakdown at all. It gives accurate output; it is latest technology, solid built. Believe me; I am using the machine to its fullest potential.

What are the applications that you use it?
I use the cylinder press for UV spot jobs, especially for bulk quantity jobs which also requires faster delivery. For e.g. calendars.

What about Grafica's service?
Above all, proximity of the manufacturer is a big advantage, besides service is guaranteed when needed. As I said there was no break down so there was no need to seek Grafica's service. In any case, Grafica's service is at par with international standard as per my experience goes with Grafica.

Please give your perception about cylinder press?
See, I have semi automatic machine which requires 2 persons per machine where as cylinder press requires only 1 people. Similarly, power consumption is less. Faster production (3000 impressions per hour) where as semi automatic can print only 500-600 impressions. So, with this kind speed, we can take more jobs, we can ensure higher quality, quantity and above all on time delivery. In my opinion, the market for cylinder press will grow.

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