Grafica News - January 2009

DMI adds colors to its training programs

DMI adds COLORs to its training programs! In printing industry, not many raw materials manufacturers/suppliers are aware of the 'win-win' benefits of associating with training institutes like DMI (Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education, Research & Training). But, those who are aware, they do get involved. Here is an example.

Mumbai based COLORs, a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of print finish/specialty inks, which takes honor in adding color to DMI's training activities for the last one year.

“After attending DMI's programs, we got convinced that there is an immense benefit if we get associated with DMI. Of course, not in words but in action by supplying our specialty inks to DMI, so that the institute could use it in practical jobs undertaken by students”, says COLORs' Saifuddin Boxwala and Mustafa Kapadia during an interview with GRAFICA NEWS recently.

Associating with DMI is sort of a win-win partnership, says Kapadia. “The benefits of association with DMI to us are many fold. First of all, as part of the mutual understanding, we supply our specialty inks FREE OF COST to DMI, for printing special effects by DMI's students during their practical training. In turn, we are allowed to display our products/information at DMI's galleries. As a result of this, our products are exposed to Grafica's customers both existing and prospective when they visit their plant/DMI. Besides this, DMI conducts regular programs including on UV special effects. In such workshops, our products are also used for practical demo of special effects”, he explains.

“After associating with DMI we have got tremendous enquiry from Grafica's reference, says Kapadia.

COLORs is a specialized ink matching center, offering a wide range of products for offset spot colors, metallic shades, fluorescent colors, U.V inks, varnishes and high end specialty inks.

“UV is safe for operators. And solvent ink would soon become outdated”, says Kapadia .

Commenting on COLORs' association with DMI, Bhargav Mistry, Director says that Grafica has made substantial investments in realizing its mission: to partner with its customers and industry associates in order to provide holistic techno- solutions to screen printing industry. “From time to time DMI constantly seeks support from raw material suppliers/manufacturers. In turn we support the screen printing industry in general and printing technology institutes like GIPT in particular from where students come to DMI for specialized training in screen printing. Tel: (022) 66663239 / 66101039 Email:

COLORs dedication
“I sincerely thanks COLORs especially Mustafa Kapadia & Saifuddin Boxwala for their showing their dedication towards DMI and our students. Due to their innovative products DMI achieved various national and international awards. They both are extremely talented sincere and hard working. They have lots of patients which indirectly reflects their quality, service and consistency. They have good capability to understand customers need and are very innovative in the development of specialty UV Inks for print finishing”. Bhargav Mistry , Director, DMI

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