Grafica News - January 2009

Grafica machines showed good sign of growth for AKRITI

Why did Mr Amit Deb of Jharkhand based Akruti Sign Systems Pvt Ltd, after making all the leg work (study) decided to buy a total screen printing set up from Grafica Flextronica?

In a telephonic interview Mr. Deb told Grafica News' editor, that in a small state like Jharkhand, good technology, service and training was top most priority. At a time when he was looking for a suitable technology.

Akruti bought a full package of Grafica technology Cam-Shell (30” x 40”) along with screen making, exposing, stretching equipment, jet- air UV combo dryer, emulsion coating machine, frames, squeegee sharpener what does 'total package means'? “We also asked Grafica to send a training personnel and they deputed an DMI student who was with us for almost 15 days and trained our 8-member screen printing team fully,” Amit Deb said. His screen-printing set up is located at Adityapur industrial area on a 5000 sq.ft area. “Even if the screen printing set up that I bought from Grafica was little costlier than other technology which was available at some discount, the kind of service and training back up from DMI was not available from others. That is why we preferred Grafica after doing through study in the market”, he says. Rest is history.

We feel secured also since there are regular training programs happening and we can depute our staff whenever we want. We also get regularly Grafica's training program details through email which keeps us updated.”

Today, ever since he deployed Grafica screen-printing technology, he has been doing jobs for automobile decal, earthmoving equipment, decals for trucks and other small. Akruti also does 4-color jobs (promotional danglers on sub board, sun-pack) for many Telecom companies through out Eastern Zone. Some job may also come from ceramic, glass and sticker segment also, Amit Deb says. Quality conscious, Amit Deb has all the facility required for quality printing including the air- conditioned humidity cell with the required temperature adjustment facility for quality printing.

“We want to run the present screen unit smoothly before expanding further,” Amit Deb said when asked about his future plans. “But we are now focusing on specializing in decals first. And with the state is witnessing more and more investments in steel sector, we are identifying as to what business we can get for our new screen set up.”

“We are convinced what screen can do, what digital can do and what offset can do. That is why I have invested in both digital and screen. Besides, I can offer the screen services to offset”, Amit Deb says. “ I am fully convinced about screen's capabilities since it can print on any substrate including the hard and thick”.

“In this 12 years journey, we have struggled a lot, and now we are ready with all the technology - both digital set up and full fledged screen printing set up” to meet any demands thanks to the combination of technology and training from Grafica, Amit Deb says.

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