Grafica News - January 2009

Jyoti success in helmet sticker printing

Ghaziabad based Jyoti Enterprises is speicalised and focused in the printing of water transfer stickers for helmets and motor bike side boxes, is another case of a manual screen printer switching over to automation.

The company was undertaking the jobs through manual process since 1994. But its two partners, the Pandey brothers thought it fit to go for automation after seeing Grafica's machines at an exhibition a couple of year's ago. After being briefed about its capabilities, features, benefits at the exhibition by the enthusiastic Grafica staff, the Pandey brothers P N Pandey, who looks after production and K N Pandey, who looks after marketing got fully convinced about Grafica machines and did not waste much time. Even without having a second thought (to look for other brands), they decided to buy Grafica machines.

Moving one step further, just to get first hand feel of Grafica and its technology, they visited Grafica's plant. One and half years ago, they bought one camshell, exposing machine, one stretching equipment and one dryer with a sense of purpose to excel further in their well focused business of printing stickers for helmets and bike side box. “We are largely benefited from the machine. For us, there was no other good choice than Grafica's machine” says Pandey although they were contacted by another machine supplier to buy his screen printing machine. “We proudly say that the quality of Grafica machines was too good and there was no need to search for other brand” says Pandey.

According to Pandey, the machine is so sturdy that even after running continuously for 8, 12, 14 hours , there was no problem with it.

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