Grafica News - January 2009

Nittoku Japan & Sky Screen supports DMI

Japan-based Nippon Tokushu Fabric Co. Ltd. (Nittoku) has launched 'Smartmesh-P in the Indian market through its newly formed Indian arm Sky Screen an authorized distributor for Nittoku's screen mesh and Ulano Corp, USA for screen emulsion, stencil films and chemicals in India.

With support of DMI Institute in India Sky Screen offers advance training in screen making to all Smartmesh-P users in India to achieve optimum results in printing quality because Sky Screen believe in giving right justification to their customers towards their investments.

Power of Nittoku's 'Smartmesh-P' saves 5% to 7% ink consumption annually. Yes, Smartmesh-P can save your ink consumption drastically in comparison to any sub-standard polyester mesh, if it is used as per the specifications instructions and right advice from DMI.

By using Smartmesh-P consumption of mesh will even reduce further. In fact Smartmesh-P proves less expensive even if compared with Nylon or any sub-standard Polyester mesh. It will not only improve quality, production speed and productivity but shall help reduce rejections and ink consumption, which in a way is a huge saving for any screen printer.

Through Sky Screen, Nittoku's mesh is always 'available' in stock in the required specification and standard width and strength for all jobs. Nittoku brings not just a 'plus' quality product, but high-end quality product.

Nittoku's new screen mesh, Smartmesh-P, due to its rigid and fine nature, allows printers to use it as much as he can, thus bringing down the production cost. By using the Smartmesh-P regularly your consumption of fabric and ink will even go down further. Tel: (022) 24021144 / 55 Email:

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