Grafica News - January 2009

Lucknow marks 15th show of “SCREEN ON SCREEN” live video film

The film on screen printing process which teaches right from in and out about this process.

Grafica has taken up the task of reaching out to the doorsteps of Indian screen printers in a big way with its result oriented and practical advanced screen printing technology - its video film. It was produced by DMI and directed by Bhargav Mistry, MD of Grafica. It is of 2-3 hours duration.

The first show was presented by Grafica at Nasik on 30th July 2007. Since then, several such programs were conducted all over India, which received overwhelming response (in some places we had say no to participants due to houseful). After Nasik, Screen on Screen was screened at Nagpur, Pune, Goa, Belgaum, Chennai, Indore, Kolkata, Tirupur, Sivakasi, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, and Ludhiana, and the 15th show at Lucknow.

The film includes a live demo of UV various applications such as varnishing, special effects, glittering etc using UV curing machine. The samples were distributed to the participants. The film touches topics such as Fabric Stretching & tension meter, Screen Preparation, Emulsion coating, Screen Exposing, Setting correct exposing time using exposure calculator, Screen Developing after exposing, Ghost & Haze remover. Screen Printing, ICC Profile Chart, Making of ICC Profile using CNC spectrophotometer system, Screen Printing - Process (Four) Color Printing (CMYK), Squeegee Sharpening, UV Curing / Hot Air Dryers, and much more... Detail explanation on Scanning, RGB - CMYK files conversion on Photoshop, how to place/import CMYK images in Illustrator & CorelDraw to achieve correct colors as seen on your color monitors WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)

Sanjiv Gupta, Fusion Signs Pvt. Ltd.
I attended SOS since I know Grafica for many years. It was excellent program and presentation. More than the screen printing. Video quality was good and lecture was excellent. There was also Q&A and I am personally well impressed with the overall program and presentation by Bhargav. The samples were excellent. Nobody organized such program and it was first program in Lucknow.

Pawan Karla, Printwell Offset
It was good presentation. In UP as well as Lucknow although there are manual screen printers in large numbers, but there is no awareness about this kind of advanced screen printing –automatic/semi automatic machines and the kind of screen print jobs as shown in the presentation and samples. In Lucknow there is no idea about UV spot varnish, glitter, special effect jobs.

Vinod Kumar Gupta, Dheeraj Screen Printers
I came to attend Screen on Screen all the way from Allahabad, upon an invitation from Grafica. The program was outstanding and I could gather a lot of information since I am already into some serious screen- printing. I feel that every screen Printers must take training from proper institutes like DMI. And if that is not possible they should attend programs like SOS, which is being organized by Grafica right at the doorsteps of printers, which was very effective. I have some serious thought to buy Grafica's high end machine. In fact I have UV curing machine and other equipment from make Grafica Flextronica.

Satyapal Singh Chawla, Dream Sketch, Lucknow.
For me screen printing is a hobby and I am into screen printing for the last several years. I am known Grafica for the many years. The program was very good but I do not know why they invited more offset printers for this program when there are plenty of manual screen printing presses in Lucknow itself. SOS was projected very well. It was full of technical details though we wanted to know some about pricing aspects as well. I think we printers should attend exhibitions and programs like SOS to keep updated ourselves. No doubt Grafica is an excellent screen printing machine manufacturer known for accuracy. The problem here is that many of the manual screen printers cannot afford to go for automation because of cost factor. In our city, offset printing is more active. Screen is used for small jobs such as stationery, letter heads.

Suvrat Luthra, Kanpur Print Scan
We know Grafica although we have not bought any machine from them. It was good to know the advanced screen-printing technology through SOS that too 4 color jobs and special effects. However, I did not get the samples distributed by them. We are into offset printing. We undertake jobs such as packaging. However, we did not get much knowledge from this program on the application of UV for our kind of jobs.

Mayur Awasthi, Classic Stickers & Printers Pvt. Ltd.
We are into sticker printing. We have manual screen printing set up. Overall it was good program and first time happened in Lucknow. But in our kind of jobs, fully automatic will be costly, and there is not much difference in terms of man power requirement between semi automatic and manual screen printing. There is not much job for manual screen printers to go for automation here in Lucknow. We do not know why there were majority-offset printers in the program.

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