Grafica News - January 2009

SNEHA SCREENS ready for wedding season with ACCU-SPEED

Wedding season ahead! Sneha Screens moves with 'Accu- Speed' Fully Automatic Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine with inline Wicket Dryer with complete Screen Making.
With wedding season round the corner, Mr A V Suresh Babu, owner of Bangalore based Sneha Screen, highly specialized in wedding cards printing, quickly decided to wind up MANUAL operations of screen printing after being impressed with the high growth potential of Grafica's fully automatic Accu-Speed fully automatic flat bed screen printing machine and the inline wicket dryer. The speed of Accu-Speed with 2500 sheet per hour capacity not only promised him savings in labor cost but also enabled him overcome the problem arising out of the 'power cut'. Today he is happy with the consistent quality, higher productivity of the machine followed by the excellent after sales service from Grafica. What else, after running the machine for that last more than a month at his 2100 sq.ft area, he now plans to expand his business to a 5000 sq.ft. area. With AccuSpeed, Suresh Babu looks forward to see his business growing faster and higher.

The company receives orders from markets in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and even Mumbai for his specialized wedding cards! The company's proprietor, Suresh Babu had to take a bold decision with such huge investment within a short time because he was feeling the pinch of shortage of labor followed by a erratic power cut at a time when his business is moving northward. The solution for him was to come out of the labor intensive MANUAL SCREEN printing process by switching over to automation.

For Grafica it was the 'fastest decision making' customer. Following attending the 'Screen on Screen', seminar in Bangalore this year, Mr. Suresh Babu's urge to see Grafica's technology was increasing and he finally landed at Grafica where he was given an orientation about the advanced screen printing technology and the benefits of full automation instead of semi automatic for a kind of job that he was doing.

Today, Suresh Babu feels happy and contended that he made a right and bold decision by buying a Grafica machine with right advise. Sneha Screen used to employ about 22 people for production of wedding cards through manual process, now it requires only 2 people to operate Accu-Speed. The machine serves his business since he often uses very thick & rigid substrates for printing specialized custom made wedding cards of varied sizes and substrates for which cylinder press is of no use. “I got the right technology for the kind of job that I am doing”, he says. Since he uses only solvent ink, the wicket dryer helps him in saving labor cost as it eliminates laborious work involved in manual drying process.

After installation of the Accu-Speed, Suresh Babu could personally see the kind of quality that the machine delivers, of course with speed as the machine's name indicates. He does not repent for the investment made on the machine as he could see the performance of the machine with the demonstration of 20,000-30,000 impressions per day in the presence of Grafica's engineer. He could see consistency in quality (accuracy in registration) and quantity (faster output) important parameters required for north ward movement of his business.

Another important benefit that he could derive from AccuSpeed is the hassle free production. Due to power cut, he had to face interrupted production. Now with the kind of speed that AccuSpeed gives, he can print 15000-20000 impressions in one shift and avoid the production loss. In nut shell, Accu-Speed helps Sneha Screen to come out of the problem caused by power cut, minimize downtime and it is now worthy of investment for the company.

Sneha Screen is into wedding card printing since 1993 through manual operations. The company has its own design set up. Grafica provided them the best technology coupled with after sales service and training back up. “Yes it will take some time to understand the machine and its capabilities”, Suresh Babu says over a telephonic interview with Grafica News editor. “Grafica gave the required training to our machine operators till they were satisfied. We will call them again if further training is required. I am fully satisfied and trust in Grafica keeps me going” he says.

Initially he wanted to buy a semi automatic machine which could have given him an output of 600 sheets per hour whereas his requirement was 15000-20000 impressions per day. That means he would have ended up in buying 4 semi automatic machines to meet his production requirement besides requiring employing 10-15 people to run these machines including racking. On its part, Grafica analyzed his requirement and he was BEST ADVISED to buy ONLY the fully automatic Accu- Speed flat bed screen printing along with wicket dryer. Yes, investment wise, it was huge for him. But he was advised that based on his requirement buying other lower end machines from Grafica was useless, unfit and unviable. Rest was history.

For Live Video of Accu-Speed with Inline Wicket Dryer installed at Sneha Screen Bangalore. Log on to:

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