Grafica News - January 2009

Spot UV Printers SPOT decision to purchase UV Dryer and Screen Printing Machine!
Dwani Manilal Pvt. Ltd., Surat

Surat based Navin Patel; proprietor of Dwani Corporation is one such new customer of Grafica who was looking for quality equipment for Spot UV varnishing and special effect jobs. They were already doing Spot UV job work on boxes of textile and dress materials. They have an offset press where these boxes are printed in 4 colors and Spot UV was done through manual process.

But after attending Grafica's Screen on Screen seminar in Ahmadabad early this year, where Mr. Patel collected samples of various special effect jobs, he felt that he could produce better results if he automates his process. “I visited Grafica's plant to understand the applications and benefits of the UV curing process and after being fully convinced, we decided to buy a Mini Cam-Shell with a UV dryer,” says Patel.

“After installation and satisfactory training from Grafica's DMI student our printing quality improved drastically which could never have been possible with the traditional manual process. I can proudly say that the performance of the machine is unbelievable and with these machine we have increased our productivity and could also meet the delivery pressure which we had during the recent Diwali festival”, he adds.

“I must acknowledge that not only the equipment is excellent, but also the service back up and training. There are many suppliers who are interested in selling their machines. But the kind of technical knowledge that Grafica imparts to its customer is very positive” says Patel.

Ever since deployment of Grafica equipment, Mr. Patel found drastic improvement in quality of Spot UV work which was even acknowledged by some customers.

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