Grafica News - January 2009

Master in the craftsmanship of label making

Grafica is proud to see craftsmanship of Craftsmen Label Makers (P) Ltd., in Label Making and sustained success in the business! This was possible because the company has 7 printing machines, Metal Curing and UV curing Machines, Film Exposing Unit, Squeegee Grinding M/c, all in- house facilities of designing, Anodizing, PU-Doming, Electric Ovens, Die Cutting Machines, Lamination Machines, Testing equipment & Machines, among many other things.

It has six Clamshells screen-printing machines, one jet dryer supplied by Grafica. The company has been using Grafica machines since last 10 years.

Why did Craftsmen decided to buy Grafica machines when there are so many other makes available across the globe? “Because we find machines reasonably OK and more importantly, we bought machines from Grafica because of two important factors: Fast and good service, and our relationship with the company," says Bakhri, expressing satisfaction over the performance of Grafica machines.

When asked about the after sales service “Grafica's service is quite good. “Whenever any breakdown occurs, Grafica's team gave good response and ensured that our work did not stop, which is very important”. says Mr. Bakhri.

Commenting on the Grafica's combination of “advanced machines supported by good after sales service PLUS a unique training institute - DMI," Bakhri said that it is very important to have such a combination on the part of manufacturers. “Its like getting all under one roof," he said.

When asked about the company's future plans, including a thought on going in for digital set up, Bakhri simply replied: “No” for digital, but revealed the company plans to purchase 8' x 4' Ft screen exposing machine and a flat-bed screen printing machine only from Grafica.

What is the key to success of Craftsmen? “Our values to which we all at craftsmen are committed” says Bakhri in simple words without going into much detail. However, he admitted by saying that technology from Grafica has its own share in their success story.

Now wonder then that the Company's mission statement reads like this: “We are committed to our responsibility to our customers to our employees and the environment. To our Customers, we are committed to providing effective and prompt services and towards reducing costs to enable us to maintain a reasonable price line. For our employees, we are committed to their growth and a working atmosphere where everyone contributes like member of a family. We are committed to creating a healthy surrounding and towards green environment our success, we believe stems from these commitments”.

The company employs almost 170 staffs supported by technicians, experts, and engineers. Its production base is located on a 10,000 sq. feet Area. “Our endeavor to provide cost effective labeling solutions has led to active research and development efforts, thus benefitting the industries to which we cater," so saying Bakhri concludes discussion with Grafica News.

Craftsmen Label Makers (P) Ltd., a New Delhi based ISO 9001- 2000 company purely into SCREEN PRINTING, is one of the Grafica's satisfied customers who has mastered the craftsmanship of label making of so many varieties, that too, through screen printing process. Craftsmen is the most comprehensive and leading manufacturer of various types of Vinyl Graphics, Poly carbonate stickers, Self Adhesive labels, Aluminum Anodized, Embossed & Etched Name Plates, Stickers/emblems on PVC/Paper/Aluminium foil in their original form and laminated, and PU Dome emblems, other POP materials. What else, if a need arises, there is a provision for manufacturing labels in nearly all available substrates like Metals, Polycarbonates, PVC, Polyester, Vinyls, Glass.

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