Grafica News - May 2009

A.D. Plast: 'The People of Plastics' support DMI

A.D. Plast Pvt Ltd, a complete plastics solutions provider and part of the Mumbai based Doshi Group of Companies, is yet another company which has come forward to wholeheartedly support DMI, for a cause.

The company is supplying PVC – Industrial and Calendar sheet, Foam Board Polypropylene – Sheets and Hollow Corrugated Sheets, HIPS – Sheets, Polyester – Films, Lenticular Films and APET Films, and Polycarbonate – Films which are used in workshops and students training programs at DMI. Mr Nisarg Doshi, Managing Director, A.D. Plast Pvt Ltd in an online interview with Grafica News editor shares his views on screen-printing industry, DMI, the market, etc. Excerpts:

How did you come in contact with DMI/Grafica?
I met Mr. Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI, at the Print Congress (which is held every year) at Manipal Institute of Technology campus in Karnataka. I was highly impressed by his presentation on Screen Printing and since then we've been friends.

Why did you decide to support DMI?
Business and Education go hand in hand, either of which is incomplete without the other. We always wanted to contribute to the society something like this and we found that DMI will be the right platform to deliver our service and demonstrate our product. As per my knowledge there are only few such training centres in the world. DMI is at par with the best technical knowhow in the country and it is also known for its innovation. I was told that every time, they print something new by using new techniques, materials. It is an institute where not just the technicians but also the decision makers from printing industry participate

The step taken by us will also help our company to increase awareness about our products through DMI's workshops. Here, without our presence, our products can get exposed to prospective customers, as the participants at DMI's workshops undergo practical training. They can also see the appropriate applications of our products. It is like testing the materials in the lab, but here it is right in front of the users.

Why should printers buy your products?
Over the last few decades, the plastics industry in India has grown significantly, contributing 0.5% to India's GDP. Thanks to continuous advancements and developments in polymer technology, expertise and cost effective manufacturing, plastic has also replaced traditional materials in many fields. At A.D. Plast Pvt. Ltd., we ensure we stay abreast of the changing need for plastics in the country. We have more than 4000 customers across the Indian Sub-continent. (Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka and other neighbor countries too).

While supplying goods we believe in two important aspects – quality with consistency and with right price that's what leads to customer satisfaction. We have many reputed customers doing business with us from the day we started our business.

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