Grafica News - May 2009

Automation leads Sonu Enterprise to grow in Ceramic Decal

Pune based Sonu Enterprises, a ceramic transfer printer, moved from manual screen printing to automation with Grafica mini clamshell. But as business moved northwards, the company had to even 'better' its automation from smaller to bigger machine. However, still the business is expanding further with increased orders.

Continued success
The company is now preparing ground to acquire a high-end fully automatic screen-printing machine. What does it mean? Continued 'success' in ceramic transfer printing business and 'Trust' in Grafica technology. Ever since the company bought a first camshell in 2002, it registered a fine imprint of trust in Grafica technology. So, in 2008, at a time when the camshell was found to be insufficient to take the load of the growing orders, the company decided to shift to a bigger format (30” x 40”) printing machine. The company also has full pre-press set up from Grafica.

Trust in Grafica
The owner of the company, Sonu Bhatsange could have bought it from other companies. But his trust on Grafica did not allow him to do so. “It is the only quality company in India for screen printing machines. When we can get the same quality like European machines in India then why bother to import and land ourselves in trouble when we need service and assistance. We are using Grafica's machines since many years and they are working 24x7 troublefree,” he says.

“The best part of Grafica is that their service and spare costs are very negligible when compared to other international brands, plus the time taken to co-ordinate for getting those parts from abroad will also be a headache with huge cost involvement. In case of Grafica, we just call their efficient service team and our work is done immediately at minimum cost and we need not bother to keep stock of spares,” .

Sonu Enterprise has their own design department which is involved in constant R&D on new designs. “We ensure finer quality as in ceramics it is important to have such higher quality print. In ceramics 'attraction' does much of the sales,” says Mr. Bhatsange.

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