Grafica News - May 2009

Better performance through automation in screen printing

In this competitive and technologically fast moving world, how long a manual screen printer can sustain his business? Not for long time, so thought K Sathyanarayanan and Mr. A. Shamir Ahmed, Partners of Coimbatore based S.S Associates who automized their screen printing set up recently.

The company is into screen printing business for nearly eight years, using manual methods. But, Mr. Sathyanarayanan got attracted to Grafica's Camshell screen-printing machine at an exhibition in Hyderabad two years ago.

With automation in their screen printing, the immediate transformation that the company brought is the very attitude towards screen printing. “Earlier we used to print only invitations, letter heads and visiting cards which is what many screen printers do in India due to lack of awareness about its potential. After buying a Camshell from Grafica, we print high end jobs and we keep experimenting new jobs,” explains Mr Sathyanarayanan.

The Camshell is being used for producing promotional materials for his corporate clients such as display boards, banners, stickers, etc. Most of the jobs are multi color jobs and meant for telecom companies. They also undertake industrial printing such as packaging for needle making and textile companies. “May be after gaining some more experience in this field (we are hardly two years in automated screen printing). We may also think of expanding our activities to the entire Tamil Nadu”.

Happy with the results
Happy with the Camshell, he admits that mechanization of his screenprinting operations has enabled them achieve faster production, quality of output. “Above all, we are able to achieve consistent accuracy and uniform printing.”

Screen-offset combo
The company is one of the rare printers having a combination of screen and offset press in their operations with 20 people working in screen set up itself. “There are some substrates/jobs which can't be printed through offset, so we have screen printing set up also”.

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