Grafica News - May 2009

Camshell a sure substitute for manual screen printing

If innovation and quality is forte of Grafica, its service is a 'comfort' to its customers. Take the case of Mr Prashhant Mittal, the CEO of Prayag Advertisers, who is deeply touched by Grafica's excellent after sales service.

“Grafica is an excellent machine manufacturer. We were impressed to see their machine in action at some of the exhibitions in New Delhi and Mumbai. We were fully convinced with the quality and beneficial features of its machines which very much suited to our requirement,” recalls Mr Mittal. Prayag is using the machine without any breakdown. “We use camshell for larger print runs since it is faster. It is user friendly and has simple and easy to understand and use its features. It's a sturdy machine. We are comfortable with the machine”,informs Mr. Mittal.

“When it comes to real customer service, not many manufacturers would render the kind of service that Grafica gives. I repeat, today I am very much a satisfied customer of Grafica mostly because of their after sales service”, says Mr. Mittal. “Grafica's after sales service is not a stereo type one but rather it has a personalized touch which is very rare. Their officials are always concerned and extra helpful and cooperative whenever we face problem with the machine or need some kind of help.” “Another advantage of buying a Grafica machine is that we could send our technician to DMI's workshop, a facility nowhere available in India. We will also send one more staff to attend DMI's forthcoming workshop on UV and special effects so that whenever we go for UV unit, we will be well equipped with a trained staff,” says Mr. Mittal. The level of satisfaction and trust of Mr. Mittal in Grafica, its machine quality and after sales service is so high that he now contemplates of buying a fully automatic machine in the near future, “surely from Grafica”.

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