Grafica News - May 2009

Epson deploys Pro 9400 printer at DMI

The management of EPSON India Pvt Ltd, part of the EPSON Global, a global print solution technology provider of diverse range, has kind heartedly agreed to support DMI's educational and training activities by deploying an Epson Pro 9400 printer at DMI. The printer will be specifically used to demonstrate how to print high quality and accurate positive.

Commending Epson's contribution to DMI, its Director Mr Bhargav Mistry said: “When suppliers try to introduce a new product to its customers, either they do not have time to try the products or they are not able to understand that the products offered are beneficial to them. The demo on Epson printer would be executed at workshops under the by a trained expert team of DMI. So, this is sort of a win-win partnership wherein our industry associates are able to demonstrate their products to the right audience, the actual users”.

The decision was the result of the EPSON team's series of discussions with DMI to gauge the usefulness of joining hands with this unique institute since it conducts regular workshops on advanced screen printing. Such workshops are attended not only by screen printers but also offset and digital printers all over India.

Without penning down more words, we straight take you to an online interview with Mr Rajimon Raghavan, Corporate Sales – LFP/Photo, Epson India Pvt Ltd. Excerpts:

Why did Epson decide to join hands with DMI?
Be-cause, we believe that, in association with DMI there is a possibility of reaching out our printing technology to actual users. In today's market situation, more than product sales, education on its usage is must. DMI is a pioneer in educating and guiding printing professionals with proper tools and equipment (like Epson Pro 9400) to be used for achieving best result which they are seeking for.

What benefits do you expect to gain from this move?
It will give us an opportunity to go close to the customers and understand their needs. Based on that input, it will help to develop new product/s to address their needs. Also our association with DMI will help us to understand this market much better.

Have you ever donated machine to educational institutes?
We have not donated any product such as printer to any institutes so far. However, we have given printers on 'educational pricing' basis. E.g: Anna University Printing Department bought our printer to teach students on the usage of proofing; Light & Life academy, Ooty bought our printer to train students on photo printing; Shari Academy, Mumbai, National Institute of Design purchased our printer for students' education purpose.

What is the importance of DMI vis a vis training institute like DMI (not regular colleges)? At DMI, besides batches of printing institute students undergoing training, throughout the year lot of print professionals – be it screen printers, offset, digital – attend their workshops. So, the importance what we believe and emphasis is to create awareness about newer technologies and introduce them from the beginning of business itself. Customers will be in a better position to choose right technology product to meet their requirement.

What is the market for Epson Pro 9450 or 9400 (for positive printing)?
We believe textile CAD (positive printing) market is as larger than any other segment. We have noticed that this segment is undergoing change of phase in positive making. Lot of computer-to-screen (CTS) printers are coming into the market replacing traditional positive making machines. Still we believe that due to investment factor there will be good scope for this machine. We have yet to gauge the exact market potential for this type of printers. We are happy that we have sold more than 100 units in this segment across India. Most of these are 44" category printers.

How Pro 9400 and/or 9450 printers are beneficial to screen printers and/or other printers?
The printer which we are installing at DMI is Pro 9400. However, we have another new model Pro 9450. Technically there is no difference between the two. The only difference is that the new model is 'network ready'. We are proud to say that Pro 9450 printer model is popular across the world in the screen printing market. There is no separate accessory needed for this machine. Of course, a RIP software will be a ideal choice to get accuracy in printing.

What is your customers' segment?
We have a full spectrum of customers including photographers, offset printers, pre-press houses, repro houses, Print-for-pay users, print-for-use users, textile CAD, CAD / CAM, GIS and much more.

Epson’s contribution to Indian printing industry:
We are proud to say that Epson is changed the way photographs and proofing are printed. We associated with industries leading photographers and RIP vendors to address this market. Eventually we dominated this segment with more than 55% market share in India. Epson printers are bench mark in proofing and photography segment.

What is your view on screen printing in India?
We admit that we are a very late entrant in this segment. However, we are growing constantly. Being late entrant, we are still staying with exact market needs and addressing their complete solution. But our technology presence is dominated in this segment (Micro Piezo Print Head).

Your views on digital market:
We believe the future holds good for digital printing and of course Digital Ink jet will play a major role.

Actually the slow down does not really affect our sales. Because, we are not volume movers, we rather solution providers to the customers. Hence, there is scope for our kind of business always.

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