Grafica News - May 2009

Everlasting Impressions in self adhesive labels printing

Success was not an easy calk walk for Nasik based Impressions, a company engaged in high-tech screen printing and manufacturing of self-adhesive labels and stickers. Founded in 1982 by its CEO, Mr. Sanjay Khanzode with a paltry capital of Rs. 2,000 and turnover of Rs. 2500/pm in 1982, the company saw many ups and downs during its growth during the past 25 years, before reaching its present point of success. The company has deployed a semi automatic printing machine and an exposing unit bought from Grafica, nine years ago. Later it also procured complete screen making equipment as well.

Why to buy imported machine?
Mr. Khanzode never intended to go for costlier imported machines when Grafica can offer such equally qualitative products at competitive price, as compared to imported ones. “With my past experience, I was also reluctant to buy imported machine with my previous experience with regards to after sales service, spare parts”. So, he did some market survey with screen printers besides seeing Grafica machines in action at Mr. Kamlakar Wadekar's press (Ace Printers) in Mumbai. “I came to the conclusion that there is no comparison between the prices of imported machine with Grafica. Their machine definitely gave us value for money”. Now, he firmly believes that Grafica is one of the best screenprinting machine manufacturers in India. “The standard and quality of the machines they make are equal to any international company. It is known for its innovation as it brings out new products every now and then”.

“We have been using their machine since last about 10 years. Mostly all the machine and equipment are working well. Many jobs that were not possible to print manually since it consists halftones and big solid color patches, we were able to print it on Grafica's machine easily”.

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