Grafica News - May 2009

Fine imprints on ceramics and glassware through transfers

“If anybody wants to buy a good quality screen printing machine in India, they should go to Grafica.” This is the echo of a satisfied and trusted customer of Grafica, Mr. Sheel Agarwal, and Managing Director of Noida based SH Deco Creations Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturers of fine quality ceramic and glass decals.

SH Deco Creations bought three semi automatic Camshell screen printing machines and the entire pre-press set up from Grafica. The company uses these machines to leave a lasting and fine quality impression on its products which find their way to national and international markets. In a short telephonic interview with GraficaNews editor, Mr. Sheel expresses his views on Grafica and screen printing. Excerpts:

Grafica needs no introduction
Grafica needs no introduction. It is the only company in India, manufacturing such a wide range and quality screen printing machines. In terms of the quality of the machine, we have no second opinion, they are of superior quality. We could not have produced quality ceramic and glass decals without deploying a quality screen printing machine … and that is surely from Grafica.

After sales service, not just a claim
It is not just a tall claim. When it comes to service, they mean it. And we could experience this. Ever since we bought the machines, there was no major problem. Whenever we call them up to resolve small problems, their engineers promptly come to our unit to resolve it. As a result of this there was no need to interrupt production schedules.

Switching over to automation
Before buying Grafica machines, we were doing the jobs through the manual printing process as we did like it. But in order to increase and implement our quality and perfection, we switched over to automation. Now we find much difference in terms of quality and quantity. Earlier we could not print halftones well but now its better and improving. It is also worth noting that automation needs minimum labor as compared to the manual process.

Fine quality
Our every product, be it ceramic mug, ceramic glass, ceramic plate, glassware, bone China, have superior quality in addition to attractive designs filled with layers of vibrant colors. The infrastructure deployed by us such as machinery and equipment, ensures efficient and smooth production. We also ensure timely completion of all orders.

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