Grafica News - May 2009

IDSC takes the cue to support DMI

Realizing the immense benefit and scope for suppliers of inks and other consumables in getting associated with DMI's (an initiative of Grafica) activities, Mumbai based Indian Dyes Sales Corporation (IDSC), has come forward to supply textile printing inks for use in DMI's student training programs and Workshops for printers.

Mr. Jayesh Shah, Director of IDSC, one of the major suppliers of consumables to garment/textile printing industry was present on the 3rd day of the 3-day Workshop at DMI in the last week of January 2009. He interacted with over 30 printing professionals.

Sharing his experience with Grafica News editor, Mr. Shah says: “DMI has the right environment for learning. The initiative is a right step on the part of Grafica. I don't think any machine manufacturers have the willingness to do this kind of noble work”.

The 'heat' is on
He adds, “Most of our customers are into tag less label manufacturing. (More than 75% jobs with Heat Transfer Manufacturer are tag less labels printing). There is a growth in this segment. The new entrants in tag less printing segment are basically Label manufacturer of other kind e.g. offset or flexo field. They do not know how to undertake quality heat transfer jobs. IDSC and DMI can partner to bring benefit to them through training”.

Win-win situation
“Getting associated with DMI is a win-win situation … we can also derive business interest from this association. It is possible that if DMI receives some feedbacks / enquiries for inks and consumables during this kind of workshop, the institute can pass on such input to us for appropriate action. Also, when our inks are used in such Workshop practical's and if good results are demonstrated, that itself is like a certification of the product”.

Why training?
He suggests that there should be regular workshops on direct and heat transfer at DMI since these days many of the Flexo label/offset label manufacturers are moving into heat transfer for label production. Says Mr. Shah: “Our customers are spread across India and most of them are into heat transfer process. So, when they venture into heat transfer, definitely they will require proper training in the use of inks & paper as otherwise they will be getting more rejection. If printers attend programs like the one conducted by DMI, all the initial problems related to heat transfer can be solved, leading to improvement in productivity”.

IDSC's demo centre
The company has its own 'Demo Center, fully equipped with machinery like Printing Machine, Exposing Machine, Conveyor Dryer, Flock Machine, Flat Bed Printer for better service to Printers and Heat Transfer producers. It offers training to its customers on the use of inks – plastisol and water based.

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