Grafica News - May 2009

If customer is king, suppliers aren't any less!

In today's competitive market scenario, if customers are treated as kings, the suppliers needn't be any different as is the case of this Mumbai based multi faceted total print solution provider.

Most of the print buyers, whether commercial or corporate, insist upon quality at very economic prices due to smaller offset printing units that have mushroomed all across the country. However a few trusty clients of Mumbai based King of Kings Printers Pvt. Ltd. (KKPPL), do not mind paying right price for the right kind of quality with splashy print finishes. King of Kings, thus 'commands' respect from its customers comprising MNCs, leading pharma companies, banks and various retail clients.

Drawing from its experience since the British Raj, KKPPL was able to customize the right strategy that meets every client's need. It has a complete digital press workflow, a fleet of finest offset printing machines from Heidelberg. The print house has recently expanded its commercial printing production capabilities with the acquisition of multi crore priced, 8-color Heidelberg speedmaster 102 Perfector. KKPPL finds its root in another print house founded during the British Raj -- Studio Bahar which was set up in 1942 by Late Shri Vadilal P. Sanghavi.

Its screen printing set up, bought about 7 years ago from Grafica, includes one 20x30 camshell screen printing machine, exposing unit and a UV dryer. During an interview with GraficaNews, KKPPL's Managing Director, Mr. Kishore Sanghavi, one of the Mumbai's veteran printers, was particular to mention that his brother Mr Praful Sanghavi looks after the entire operations of screen printing set up.

Benefit of offset-screen combo?
Variety being the spice of life, we love to mix these ingredients to bring out the best of both. Offset printing, with the help of screen printing set up, helps us offer value added service to our high profile customers with attractive print finishing jobs. Everyone loves change so do our customers, and we are more than glad to supersede their expectations. And, in my opinion, finishing processes are as diverse as the methods of printing. It involves Varnishing, Gloss & Matt Varnishing, Aqua Varnishing, UV & Spot Varnishing, Gross & matt lamination.So, we have the latest technology to undertake all the post finish jobs. Through screen process, we do lot of print finish jobs with various special results. We use our in house screen printing for finishing our print jobs and bring out the customers creative ideas into print. Clients are also advised how best they can use all these special effects as per the nature of job and use of the printed products. This is the advantage of offset printers of having an in house screen print set up.

Future of screen printing
I remember when we entered printing business, screen printing which was then done manually (even now!), had very inferior profile of printing petty jobs such as visiting cards, letter heads, wedding cards, etc. But, today with the advent of semi automatic and fully automatic machines coupled with variety of inks for variety of screen printing applications and substrates, this process has achieved the status of other high end printing processes. It has a greater role to play with the advent of advanced machines and equipment.

Exploring possibilities
Now there are so many modern screen printing units doing high end jobs such as industrial printing, ceramics, textile, art printing and commercial graphics printing with 4 colour process. Screen printing has lot of scope in packaging printing. In packaging lot of creativity can be done with UV special effects. UV special effect is a vast subject, the more you venture, the more you explore the wider possibilities. It is good that screen process is undergoing sea change.

Friendship aside, why did you prefer Grafica?
Who better than friends will know how professionally expert one is? Grafica's founder late Shri Dhirubhai Mistry, was a pioneer in delivering quality performance of Grafica machines in the market. Being friends we know the 'in and out' of their machine building capabilities, their products, their people, their service, their knowledge in the industry. So, there was no other better choice than buying their machines.

Under one umbrella:
We find that the machine is capable of delivering excellent performance and their service is par excellence. The after sales services too are as excellent as the Grafica machinery itself. Grafica is technologically sound company which has everything under one umbrella - pre press, press, post press machine and equipment, besides thorough technical knowledge. Their technical support is very good. There is no match to this company in India. It manufactures even four colour large format fully automatic screen printing machines and cylinder press. They just don't sell machinery but also educate their customers with all aspects of screen printing.

DMI-Grafica, great combination:
DMI and Grafica are a great combination. A machine manufacturer giving full knowledge to screen printers through a well equipped institute. I think they are creating an impact in Indian screen printing industry. Where else in India screen printers can get such a deep knowledge in screen printing? Except DMI, in India there is not a single institute to provide full fledged training in screen printing, starting from pre press, press and post press. Interestingly, DMI is conducting workshops not only for screen printers but also for the entire printing industry.

Why do you feel 'supplier is also a king'?
When a job (artwork) is received, we go one step backward (instead of immediately taking the job for printing) by studying it thoroughly to see if there is anything missing or lacking in terms of printing a quality job. We often identify errors in the artworks/file and convey it to clients. If clients are ready to listen to our suggestion for changes or modifications in the artwork or mistakes to be corrected, then we are ready to help them to any extent.

We just don't push the job for printing unless we are satisfied ourselves. We give top priority for accuracy in processing stage (checking all the parameters before processing), proofing stage, profile making, and finally right choice of inks and substrate (paper). Once a proper profiling is done, then the rest of the job becomes easier.

It is true that time is important for print buyers. But customers should also give enough time for printing. Most jobs are created in a hurry. To begin with, the photographers are pressurized (so you do not get good photograph). Then their designers come under pressure (so designers are not getting enough time to do quality artwork). Finally, we as printers get pressures to deliver the jobs immediately. So, for quality printing, print buyers attitude is also important. I think print buyers need to plan their jobs well in advance and ensure quality finishing at all levels – concept, creativity, design, photography so that quality printers like us can print the job with outstanding results. They spend maximum time in making the designs and finalizing the job for printing but when it comes to printing, they want immediate delivery and ultimately quality suffers.

What's the secret of your success?
Quality! We do not compromise on quality. Our company emphasizes on positive and productive relationship with our clientele. We keep a close eye on quality. We have total control over each stage of job creation, providing optimum quality, increased efficiency and effective cost control. Meticulous attention paid to extremely fine detail by our exceptionally experienced operators which again exceeds our customers' expectations. Printing quality is our culture.

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