Grafica News - May 2009

In China he was made to feel proud that Grafica belongs to India

Why did Mr. Uttam Chakraborty, Managing Director of Kolkata based Smilax International India And Smilax Trexim Pvt. Ltd, quit the then thrilling and thriving Journalism profession? Prior to establishing these two firms 10 years ago (1998), he was in charge of political and trade reporting of a locally published monthly trade magazine on Hosiery and Ready Made Garments industries. Naturally, experiences in this profession (textiles) along with resources in hand inspired him to venture into the hosiery and garments business. So, rest was history. Smilax started to manufacture garment accessories and packing box along with advertising materials for the Readymade Garments manufacturers of Kolkata.

Happy beginning with Grafica:
In 2006, we made the first move by buying a Screen Exposing machine and stretching clamps from them. But before that we made a thorough evaluation and we came to the conclusion that an experienced manufacturer of screen-printing machine should also know printers' needs very well. We came to the conclusion that Grafica was familiar with the needs of the printers. So, we made another move by purchasing a semi automatic screen-printing machine. After using this machine with complete satisfaction, we bought one more machine in 2008.

“In China, our own Grafica made me feel proud”
During his visit to a printing exhibition in Ningbo City-China, few years ago, Mr. Chakraborty encountered with an unusual experience. “There were many exhibitors with a wide range of screen-printing machines on display. During the lunch break, as I was passing by at one of the stalls, seeing my lighted cigarette, a sales executive of the exhibitor stopped me and asked for my favour to light up his cigar. But he made it a point to inquire about my whereabouts and my interest in the exhibition. When he learnt that I was from India and I already had few Grafica machines, he puffed out his sales talk and bluntly pointed that I owned some good machines and there was no need to look for foreign makes anymore. He also pointed out that I should not spend more on overseas machine by paying exorbitant freight+ customs when there is already Grafica in India. Immediately, my heart filled with pride, it was a great honour to hear about the reputation of Grafica and of course India, on a Chinese soil”.

Sturdy machines:
The quality of the machine is undoubtedly excellent in terms of speed and accuracy in registration. We are able to achieve the targeted production. For the last three years, despite running the equipment in two shifts, we didn't require to call their service engineer. Only one time routine service is required for printing machines.

May I help you?
So far, only twice our operators had to call up Grafica technicians and the problems were solved over the telephone itself. It is a touching experience that quite often whenever their technicians come to West Bengal or Orissa for installing new machines, they also give us courtesy calls enquiring if we need any service or help.

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