Grafica News - May 2009

Om Decals shifts to bigger space at Bahadurgarh

After all, it's all God's creations!

'Divine' is a word synonymous to excellence. Here is one company in India which is so much craved and engrossed in creating excellent portraits, frames and images of gods and goddesses and other religious articles with so much devotion and imagination, as if inspired by God! Welcome to the world of 'images' of gods and goddesses.

A New Delhi based group of companies - comprising Om Decals Pvt Ltd, Divine International and AASTHA - offer beautifully crafted products – the images of gods and goddesses. The group is owned and managed by Mr. Sanjiv Jain and Mr. Rajiv Jain (originally found by their father, Mr. Umesh Chandra Jain).

'Creating right frame of mind'
The company endeavors to capture the memorable moment of people's lives by offering a host of products from frames, portraits and images to customized products. “In India, because of the close connection between religion and art, there is a good scope for our kind of work”, explains Mr. Sanjiv Jain, Managing Director of Om Decals Pvt. Ltd.

Why only Grafica!
Why did the Jains exclusively opt for Grafica machines for over a decade even if there are many Indian and international brands available? “Undoubtedly, Grafica is an excellent technology provider. The quality of the machines is best; technically the machines suit very much our requirement. There is no problem with their after sales service which is very much assured. So, there was no question of looking for other brands”, reasons Mr. Jain.

“Our philosophy places great importance on relationships. I have tried other brands in the past. But, ever since we bought machines from Grafica, our relationship with Mr. Bhargav is not that of a customer, but of friendship. Grafica has supported us in every aspect of the technology acquisition. In the future too, as and when we require any technology up gradation, surely Grafica is there”, says Mr. Jain with a sense of trust.

Go(o)d market
The company gets constant demands from across the country to develop new and newer designs as per the interest of the region and religion, faith and culture. “With the common practice of keeping images of deities of choice, and with the growing number of houses being built every year, there is a good demand for our products,” says Mr. Jain. According to him, a creative piece, including the variety of portraits and images that they make, can bring in lot of peace and devotion in the minds of people and the trend is increasing. After all it's all God's creations!

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