Grafica News - May 2009

Progressing towards perfection in UV special effect printing

International screen printing expert and FESPA Board Member, Michel Caza once told that one of the most interesting niche in screen printing (graphic and textiles) is the printing of special effects. Only few printers practically understand what this international expert has said. Mumbai based Perfect Packaging is one such printer who is now tapping a lucrative business in screen printing after discovering multiplicity of UV special effects.

A little 'tag' from China!
“We came to know that screen printed 'Tag's' used in clothing industry were being imported from China. 'Can't this be done in India? was the question that came to my mind immediately”, recalls Mr. Kashyap Thaker, one of the three partners of Perfect packaging (Jayesh Modi, Chetan Shah, other two partners) . He got to know that such tags could be printed very much in India through screen-printing.

The journey begins
For this purpose, the company bought total screen printing set up from Grafica – one 30” x40” clamshell semi automatic screen printing machine and complete Prepress setup. The screen printing business is run by a separate company called 'Progressive Packaging' which is now making perfect progress in UV special effects.

The Chinese wave
But buying Grafica machines did not happen just in one thought. “It was in 2006 after we decided to buy a screen printing machine, we went to China to see an industry exhibition … and even we visited the plant of a machine manufacturer. Everything was being finalized. But, a last minute hitch changed the course and we decided not to buy a Chinese machine. We consulted our best friend, Mr Kamlakar Wadekar of Ace Printers in Mumbai. After evaluating our needs, he recommended us to buy Grafica machine”, recalls Mr. Thaker.

Impressed with Grafica
Before taking any decision they had visited Mr. Kamlakar Wadekar's press (Ace Printers) in Mumbai and amazed to see the entire screen printing set up (from Grafica) in action. “Later, during our visit to Grafica plant, we were impressed with their range of machines and equipment. We found the company to be innovative. We were also well impressed with their whole approach towards customers. They also briefed us what big difference we can make to our customers by incorporating UV effects on various packaging products. We realized that we were at a right place to buy screen printing machine and equipment.”

“The interesting part of Grafica's customer care is that they also helped us in setting up the entire screen printing unit within the available space which was a rented one. But later even when we wanted to shift to our own premises they helped us in dismantling and reinstalling the entire set up. This is something very unique,” he adds.

A friend in need is a friend indeed! “Until we had a meeting with Grafica and visit to Mr. Kamlakar's press, we were not even aware of the potentials of screen printing and UV special effects” says Mr. Thaker. “It took little time to click. In fact, for 6-8 months we had not much work to do. Step by step, we got tips from Mr. Kamlakar who is also a Grafica customer. He guided us how to use the potentials of screen-printing for maximum benefit”.

Value for money
The greatest advantage of buying a machine from Grafica is their co operative attitude to render after sales service. “Recently we were reviewing Grafica's charges for 'service engineer's call' which we found was a little on higher side. But, finally we were convinced that it is worth, considering the company's responsiveness and customer care and also the quality of the machine,” comments Mr. Thaker. “We have now decided that if at all we want to buy more screen printing machine and equipment we will buy it from Grafica since we have enjoyed immense benefit from their machine and fully satisfied with their service as well.”

Luxury value addition
The advantage of UV for an offset printer as felt by Perfect Packaging: “Even if my offset rates are little on higher side, my clients are happy that we offer something different every time because of UV special effects which they feel a luxury value addition especially in case of cosmetics and beauty products packaging”, says Mr. Thaker. “Also, because of the very nature of special effects, it will help the companies in protecting their brands from duplication”.

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