Grafica News - May 2009

Siepmann’s makes perfect use of screen prtg in credit card

At the screen printing unit of Siepmann's Card Systems Pvt Ltd, a two post pillar semi-automatic screen printing machine bought from Grafica 10 years ago, is still a 'strong pillar'. The existing screen printing machine at Siepmann's has been exploited to its fullest capacity (and advantage) for over a decade. It will still be in use till a new machine is acquired, says Ravindranath Bhas - Executive Director of Siepmann's, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, engaged in the production and supply of plastic cards – Bank/ATM/ and now smart cards.

“We soon intend to replace it with a new one, most probably from Grafica,” says Mr. Ravindranath with a sense of trust. So, Grafica machine may become old, but not the trust! “The high quality printing jobs that we undertake like smart cards, certainly require good quality machine because we are using imported PVC substrate not paper,” says Mr Ravindranath. “We know Grafica very well for quality machine and they are very nearby so it's a natural choice for us considering speedy service backup", he adds

“And if you ask me to rate Grafica for their service and machine quality, I would give 8+ out of 10. The machine is of high quality and its performance is also very good. We are also very much satisfied with their service as well.”

Siepmann's, the 'pioneer' and a leader in the Indian plastic card industry, offers complete consultancy services through its layout visualizing and designing department to assist the client in designing the card fascia to their specifications. Siepmann's state of the art card manufacturing facility with complete in-house set up is situated at Vasai East, District Thane at the outskirt of Mumbai. The company uses a lot of metallic inks which is mainly done by screen printing. It also uses the machine for applying special coatings on cards. Our cards are printed using offset and screen.

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