Grafica News - May 2010

Chitra Graphics relies solely on Grafica for ceramic transfers

When Deco Pride (I) Pvt.Ltd bought their first machine from Grafica a decade ago, it was only obvious that at some point their sister concern Chitra Graphics would follow suit.

Meet Mr. Parvesh Singal who has his factory at Bahadurgarh in Haryana. “We have two gas furnaces for firing the materials. Now we have added our own printing unit. We bought our first 18” X 24” semi-automatic Two-Post Pillar from Grafica for New Art Industries way back in 1998. Then we procured the Grafica's Camshell, semi automatic machine.”

“We established New Art Industries in 1984 and later setup two more companies - Deco Pride (I) Pvt Ltd and Chitra Graphics. We are the first manufacturers of glass tiles highlighters and panels with firing technology in India. While my brother, Suresh Singal handles Deco Pride and New Art Industries, I manage Chitra Graphics.”

“We have had a very long association with Grafica. My father was not only a customer of late Mr. Dhirubhai Mistry but also a very good friend. That legacy continues with Mr. Bhargav Mistry. Relationship apart, what about the quality and performance of the machine? “Camshell is a good machine and has many advanced features. It can handle the kind of work that I am looking to do.” On how he sees the Grafica machine helping his business, Parvesh Singal says, “It is doing extremely well for me and it is definitely helping my business. I am happy with the quality, the output and the overall efficiency of Grafica's Cam Shell. I am planning to venture into newer things like printing pictures of Gods on tiles. I am looking to export as well,” he concludes.

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