Grafica News - May 2010

Dinesh Golchha of Samyak Graphics begins new journey with Grafica’s Cylinder Press

Like a 'flamingo' he found greener pasture in screen printing thanks to DMI. Dinesh Golchha of Samyak Graphics, Surat recently deployed a full-fledged screen printing unit including Grafica's Cylinder Press.

Born in Katni (MP), completed early education at Raipur (now in Chhattisgarh), graduated from Bombay University, this young man worked at garment export house in Mumbai. Then like flamingos which migrate to marshy mudflats at Sewri in Mumbai, he migrated to Middleeast to find greener pastures. After working there for a decade, like migrating birds do, he returned to his motherland and continued his career in Bangalore. He then migrated to another new region, to be precisely Surat in Gujarat to make a fresh beginning in his career in screen printing.

Well before such a big ticket buy, Grafica officials helped him understand the finer 'tones' of screen printing process vis-à-vis 'tunes' of the market. “I met Hanish Mehta of Grafica. He showed me the possibilities that existed in Screen Printing especially in packaging and value addition and how to grow in this business. After that, there was no looking back” says Dinesh.

“In fact, they not only helped me set up my business but also guided me how to make a career change.” And, this inspiration, received right at his door step from Grafica people was like a magnet. “I went to Mumbai and visited DMI and I saw the entire process. Thereafter, Bhargav and Hanish helped me choose the right machine, understand the industry, study the competition and the market.”

Today, Grafica's 20” x 30” Swing Cylinder Press and a 30” UV dryer are working in full swing at Samyak Graphics along with complete screen making equipments. “They then helped me install a complete screen printing set up and I simply trusted every word they said. Truly, they had my best interests at heart,” says Dinesh.

“The quality of their machines is 'wow'. They offer the whole package from start to finish or say latest technology and education. Their service is extra ordinary. As I am new to this business, I needed extra support including training – they gave me that.”

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