Grafica News - May 2010

DMI@GIPT campus

“I wasted my 10 years in search of true knowledge in modern screen printing. Ignorant people say there is no life in screen printing. But DMI showed me the real world. I am now extremely crazy to make a career in screen printing. I want to start my own business hence I am keen to undergo a training at DMI”.

This is what Nitin Kamble has to say after attending a full houseful seminar on advanced screen printing at GIPT, Mumbai on February 25, 2010, conducted by Mr. Bhargav Mistry, Director, DMI. Nitin is a final year student at Government Institute of Printing Technology (GIPT). There are several other students, who felt the out of the space experience after attending the seminar, which was attended, by over 150 students along with their faculties.

Bhargav beamed an overall yet exhaustive view of the advanced screen-printing with special focus on emerging technologies (slides courtesy: Mike Young). UV special expert, Mr. Kamlakar Wadekar of Ace Printers, Mumbai explained with minute details about the various special effect printing. Two students from DMI shared their experience. DMI's Chief Adviser, HR, Mr. Mohan Kaikini briefed about DMI's forthcoming courses.

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