Grafica News - May 2010

Integration increases profitability in ceramic transfer

Cylinder press, a revolutionary trend in screen printing which is faster and gives accurate registration, is yet to pick up pace. And only few printers realize the benefits of switching over to full automation, which helps greatly in meeting the quality as demanded by the market.

One such printer who fell in love with full automation is the Gurgaon based Classic Printed Products Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of ceramic transfer decals. The company has recently deployed Grafica's fully automatic, high speed, SWING Cylinder Press (20” x 30”) along with a sophisticated Wicket Dryer (1380 Wickets).

Interestingly, the company is one of those rare printing houses who have had a manual set up to begin with and then switched over to semi automatic and then in order to keep pace with the technological advancement, moved to full automation-age.

“Currently Cylinder Press is the only solution to print at high speed of over 2000/IMP and above” says Mr. Sunil Kataria, Managing Director.

Why Grafica?

I have a strong trust and confidence in indigenous technology at first place. So, when we wanted by a fully automatic screenprinting machine, naturally I choose Grafica, because it is the only Indian company producing high quality Cylinder Press and it's a preferred brand in ceramics transfers. Their cylinder press is capable to meet all our production requirements besides there is a strategic advantage, on services, spare parts and logistic point of view. Their machines are rugged yet simple to operate and delivers high accuracy at full speed.

Advantages of cylinder press?

We were doing manually which required lot of manpower and the best operator also could not maintain color consistently. Now we are able to print larger size of 20” x30 with consistent colors and dot reproduction. Cylinder press can only be effective when combined with a wicket dryer. This complete integrated system reduces cost of production and drying time.

Are you satisfied with Grafica?

They are always at our service whenever we need any assistance. In short, I can only say that Grafica is a reliable manufacturer. That's the reason I always prefer Grafica.

Views on ceramic transfers:

The ceramic colors when printed through screen enhances the color fidelity to much greater extend when compared with other process due to its capability of laying higher thickness of ceramic inks.

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