Grafica News - May 2010

NANO-PRINT small budget big business

Mumbai based Vijay R. Salunkhe runs a 35-year-old company, which he inherited from his father. He has now Grafica's hottest-selling machine, the NANO-PRINT.

If one has got the impression that Deepali Arts is a tiny printing setup which really isn't that well known then please stand corrected. This company has serviced some of the biggest names in the business including Hindustan Unilever (previously Hindustan Lever Limited). They have helped print for Hamam and Surf Excel and are quite well known in various circles. Deepali Arts undertakes printing on PVC plastics, sun packs and sun boards, stickers.

“NANO-PRINT is a good machine and it is working well for me. Grafica machines are truly the best. I was happy with the service and the standards that Grafica has” concludes Vijay.

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