Grafica News - May 2010

Out of 15 experts from ceramics 12 recommended Grafica

Like many others in his trade, K. Vissu of Sri Akhil Ceramic Tiles Designer, set up a inhouse manual screen printing unit to produce ceramic transfers. He had not heard of automatic screen printing. But after realizing the tremendous benefits of automation, he began a search to buy a perfect screen printing machine that would give him a quality reproduction.

His search ended when he came to know about Grafica's camshell, a semi automatic screen printing, the most sought after workhorse in the ceramic industry. He bought 20” x 30” Camshell and complete screen-making unit. He employs 30 people in his company. Interestingly, Vissu started this company for his wife. ”I buy my ceramics from a variety of suppliers. One of them is a friend of mine in Delhi. He was the one who first told me about the Grafica machine. Even then I also spoke to 15 other people related to my industry. I was quite surprised that almost 12 out of the 15 recommended me to go for Grafica's Cam Shell. I think with such an overwhelming recommendation I was left with no other option.”

He adds: “I did look at the Chinese machines as well. But the advantage of using an Indian machine is that you don't have to worry about spare parts and technical support. I made a wise choice to become a part of Grafica's family. Their service is very prompt and reliable even in remote places like Rajamundhry.”

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