Grafica News - May 2010

Passion in heat transfers made Anish Matalia successful

Taking inspiration from his mentor and uncle, this young entrepreneur ventured into heat transfers business despite being a commerce graduate and a diploma holder in computer science. He could have even joined his father's business of plastic products manufacturing. But he was swayed away by his own passion for garments printing. Mr. Anish Matalia, Director of Nishi Arts reveals his secret.

“Knowing my passion, my uncle Mr. Ashok Parekh (who was known to late Dhirubhai Mistry) inspired me by saying: 'Here's a job that most suits your passion …heat transfers'. As per his advice I bought my first semi automatic screen printing machine from in 2003.

“After my education, I worked in my uncle's ink company where I also learnt quite a lot about screen printing. I have been always fascinated to print heat transfers. My uncle has played an important role in my career goals. I strongly believe it is important to have a mentor in our life.

“However, before buying the first machine, I had evaluated various screen-printing machines from other manufacturers but I was very much convinced with Grafica's quality and features. One best feature in Grafica's machine and the most important for my jobs was the micro registration system. This was not so perfect in other brands.”

Anish takes care of pre press activities, his better half, Riddhi takes care of the entire printing operations. She is a B.Sc graduate in Textile Designing from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.

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