Grafica News - May 2010

Pinnacle Print finishes with value addition

Mumbai based Pinnacle Prints switches over to lucrative value addition.

Knowing the potential that exists in Screen Printing, The founder of Pinnacle Prints Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, Mr D. Balasubramaniam, has decided to take his company towards a whole new direction, he calls it as “value addition”.

The company which caters to some of India's top telecom companies including Airtel, Vodafone and TATA, has deployed Grafica's Swing Cylinder Press, the fully automatic screen printing machine which can fire over 3000 sheets per hour along with Jet Air and UV dryer combo.

Pinnacle Prints has also deployed screen making set up along with Cylinder Press with inline, JetAir/UV Dryer Combo. Now it’s a full-fledged printing house with modern pre-press, press and post press facilities, spread out over 45000 sq. ft. at Bhandup in Mumbai.

veteran who has spent the better part of 22 years in the printing industry, Balasubramaniam has now put his trust in advanced screen printing to give a new direction to his fast growing company by moving away from the traditional offset printing space. Originally an advertising professional who worked for one of the India's oldest advertising agencies, FCB Ulka, Balasubramaniam decided to quit in 1988 and started off on his own. His 9 years' experience as a Print Production Manager helped him make a new beginning after receiving inspiration from Mr. Bal Mundkar, then chairman of the Agency.

What made you to venture into screen printing space?

First of all, let me clarify that although we have multi colour offset along with complete pre press and post press, we are actually going out of offset space and moving very closely into value addition segment. It is an important point which I want to highlight here.

According to me, Telecom, pharma and insurance are promising sectors for printing business. That is why we started our diversification with a fully automatic cylinder press from Grafica for value addition jobs. When we talk about value addition, it is basically post press service and we are catering printers all over Mumbai and Thane. Besides catering to Telecom companies, we also do other works such as packaging, commercial jobs with value addition.

Why Cylinder Press?

Our jobs are volume jobs and hence there is no point in continuing with manual or buying a semi automatic and then shift to bigger machine. And for better precision and productivity automation is the only answer.

Why you choose new machine instead of second hand?

So far, we got used to second hand machine buying culture. India is now a fast emerging economy. So, why should we buy second hand machines? So, on our part, we are stepping out of the so called 'second hand' culture and boarding onto new machine culture. We also realized that by buying second hand machine, we lost the best years of productive use. We had seen other second hand imported machines. But, Grafica wins on many points, even in technology because imported second hand machines which land here are already 10-15 years old. So, obviously, the technology of today is not available here as it has already lost its best years of usage.

Why Grafica?

We were looking for a company which could give us good machine along with full support, give us new ideas in value addition. We visited the Grafica factory and DMI. We found Grafica was all in one proposition - their people are well trained, we get many newer ideas and any new technical help is required they are only a phone call away. So, rather than being a pure business transaction, we found that we were building a relationship.

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