Grafica News - May 2010

Screen helped me to survive through value addition in offset

An increasing number of manual screen printers are turning to automation to get better quality, and more efficiency. One such printer is Manjeet Dhariwal who owns Khushboo Creations, Surat. He is into the manufacture of Saree Boxes and Packaging. He shares his experience on High Speed Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine “Cylinder Press” from Grafica.

Tell us about your foray into automatic Screen Printing?

Earlier I used to have a manual screen printing set up. But over the years the competition has grown intense and people expect to see better finishes and better quality which is not possible to achieve in manual, so automation is the only way.

Why Grafica’s Cylinder Press?

I heard about Grafica and visited their Works for live demo. I was convinced with their quality and performance later I decided to buy one to give me the edge. It's important to have the best at your disposal to maintain your place in the competition. When you need to improve production and quality you need to trust someone who can give you that level of service.

Are you satisfied?

Their machines are good and it's fared well so far. I was particularly impressed with their after-sales service. I am happy with this investment. If you tell me that it's Grafica's best machine, it makes me even happier.

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