Grafica News - May 2010

Seminar at SIES Packaging Institute

“I felt like an over satisfied customer.” This was the short and sharp complement expressed by Prof. C.S. Purushothaman, Director of SIES School of Packaging - Packaging Technology Centre (SIESSOP/PTC), Nerul in New Mumbai, immediately after attending DMI's presentation on March 31, 2010 on advanced screen-printing with special focus on packaging.

Prof. Purushothaman personally attended the seminar along with all the faculties and 88 final year students of both SIES-SOP/PTC and SIES-Graduate School of Technology, Printing & Packaging Technology (SIES-GST/PPT). The presentation was made by Bhargav Mistry, Director of DMI.

Enumerating the reasons for accepting DMI's invitation to hold seminar, Prof. Purushothaman said: “There is always an illusion that screen printing is an outdated process. And we wanted to expose our students to this new technology, that is, modern screen printing and its wide applications. Since DMI has all the expertise in this front, we wanted to show the students how we can synergize two printing processes like offset and screen printing to bring innovation in packaging”.

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