Grafica News - Sep 2010

Ace Media installs fully automatic flatbed screen printing machine

Its brand new screen printing unit with Grafica's 30” x 40” Accu-Speed, a fully automatic flat bed screen printing line along with inline 40” UV/Jet Air dryer was successfully commissioned by Grafica's engineers. This huge investment in screen printing is indeed a daring move on the part of Mr. Balakrishna G, the Managing Director of the company; it is a powerful strategy to fight - both competition and maximize customers' delight. His company has also deployed complete screen making set up from Grafica.

“Why “Accu-Speed” ? Earlier we used to paste the printed jobs on sunboard, sunpack which required extra efforts in terms of time and labour work adding extra cost. Hence, Accu-Speed is currently the only solution I found against digital printing to get faster production with consistent quality on rigid substrates.

Why Grafica Flextronica? We are already equipped with worldclass digital machines. So in this regards Grafica brand in screen printing adds on to our image as a high end print solution provider to increase customers' confidence. Grafica's team is receptive in their dealings. AccuSpeed is superb in terms of production and quality.

Are you satisfied with Grafica's service?
Yes, they provided us complete training for one week and helped us to produce samples and streamline our productions.

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