Grafica News - Sep 2010

Daughter-Mother duo begin heat transfer printing with NANO-PRINT

Now, these women of substance running the show at Swareena Fashions see a great future in heat transfers and tagless labels after deploying Grafica's NANO-PRINT.

The daughter-mother duo entrepreneurs, Shweta Dixit and her mother Madhu Pandey swing into action after they came to know about the launch of Grafica's Nano-Print. They rushed to Grafica and booked the machine on the spot.

“Grafica's Nano-Print is compact, simple with a great look and economical too. It is truly an entry level machine,” says Shweta. “We have now successfully commenced full-fledged production of both tag less labels and heat transfers for garment industry. The machine is absolutely working without any trouble.” Nalanda Arts started in 1974 has now three garment printing units running successfully.

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