Grafica News - SEP 2010

Improved Feature in Grafica's Cylinder Press, Feeder

New: Sticky Roller with AntiStatic System

Dust particles settled on substrates, drastically reduces the printing speed especially when printing on plastics or foil laminated susbtrates. With its new improved feeders Grafica now offers to its customers a better solution to improve productivity on such high speed machines. Its antistatic system with sticky rollers is designed to improve the overall performance and quality of printing.

New: Stack the sheet while printing

Grafica’s double board feeding system further improves the productivity thus reduces downtime while stacking the material.

New: Side lay sensors now even on Swing Cylinder Press

Grafica now offers side lay sensor on all our Swing Cylinder Press to avoid mis-registration which further reduces rejection. This all new feature has been incorporated keeping in mind to get full production output from Grafica’s all fully automatic screen printing systems.

Ace Printers - Mumbai

Few of Grafica's Cylinder Press Customers

Star Labels - Navi Mumbai

Kushboo Creations - Surat

Print Mann India - Delhi

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